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Montblanc (2017)

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Reviews of Legend Night by Montblanc

There are 13 reviews of Legend Night by Montblanc.

The opening: A pleasant, sweet benzoin. A slight bit of tonka in there, some vanilla, could've been better with more vanilla. Up close, Legend Night gets brighter after that when its vetiver, a very red cedar and some pine start lifting it up. The basenotes that are in the open actually start residing in the background in stead of only coming out after the lighter notes.

Even later the cardamom takes over. What you're now left with in the drydown is a sexy cardamom fragrance that is well balanced with all the rest of the notes that were slowly introduced to you from the start.

BUT: this is only up close! Like if you spray it on your hand and bring your hand to your nose.

From a distance, so what it projects, the scent is quite synthetic which is strange because up close you can make out a lot of nice separate details. Well, maybe it's not that strange as probably only the synthetics are strong enough to project.

That means the oils used must be quite diluted (apart from the benzoin). That's a shame, could've done better here, Montblanc.
Nov 4, 2021

This is the first Legend flanker I've actively disliked. The others have been dumb buys that's turned into dumb grabs and have generally been utter compliment monsters.

This is just a sickly sweet, contradictory mess with no clear character. Not a fan.
Oct 29, 2019

Legend Night is actually very good--a smooth, dark, spicy, "date night" style of scent with prominent apple-caramel and vanilla notes. It has a sweet, spicy lavender accord common among this style of scent.There is a familiarity to the accords here--the lavender, cardamom, apple and caramel having been done before, as far back as Boss Bottled and as recently as Parfums de Marly Layton. Still, it's well put together and enough of its own scent to stand alone. It leaves an impression similar to that of Code Profumo or The One EDP--very much a designer fragrance; dark but lacking any seriously dark notes such as incense or birch tar; and sweet without crossing into gourmand territory. In other words, it's safe. Legend Night is immediately likable and easy to wear, with strong projection for the first couple of hours and solid longevity. It settles down after about two hours but continues to hold on for at least another 6, probably more. From my brief time with the original Legend, I can say there appears to be little connection between the two other than the sort of feeling they impress in that of the smooth, widely appealing designer. I don't own many scents like this, so its familiarity isn't a drawback for me. Some may find it a little too familiar to add to their wardrobe, but should still "like" it at least. Overall, this is a very good choice for an evening fragrance, especially for going out on a date, and isn't likely to offend anyone or come across off-putting. At the same time it has enough charm and character to leave a memorable, positive impression on its audience. It's perfect for the 21--30 crowd. A solid entry in the nighttime genre, this new Legend flanker should find plenty of fans and scores a solid 8 out of 10.
Aug 13, 2019

Welp, this Montblanc is shooting blanks fellas. The original Legend (2011) was a nice 90's throwback fougère that begat a series of flankers starting with the more modern Legend Intense (2013), then Legend Spirit (2016), with the latter nudging the formula closer to the 2010's standard with the inclusion of ambroxan in the mix. Legend Night (2017) goes full-on spicy ambroxan bomb mode, just like Valentno Uomo (2014), Emporio Armani's Stronger With You (2017) and the following year's Azzaro Wanted by Night (2018), but is totally unbalanced and goes too far in the direction of sheer power. There has been something of a loudness war with these ambroxan-led nightclub masculines, and with the addition of akigalawood to the formula with Legend Night, you can rest assured that nobody is getting any rest while you wear this scent. I can understand the intention here from perfumers Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux, who would later go on to be a part of composing Montblanc Explorer (2019) as well, but there is just too much blunt force here.

The opening of Montblanc Legend Night is pretty loud with bergamot, mint, cardamom, sage, and that ambroxan blast coming out of the nozzle from the very start. The mint and cardamom exist at opposite ends of the olfactive spectrum for me, and fight for attention, while the bergamot brings the opening citric sharpness and sage adds a familiar masculine element. Legend Night also fancies itself a classic men's fragrance with a display of sweet lavender in the heart, but it just turns cloying with the addition of apple and balsam fir, warmed up by a cedar note which compounds with the cardamom top. The dizzying heat and richness here reaches a crescendo with amxbroxan being joined by both norlimbanol "woods", the Givaudan Akigalawood captive, white patchouli, and musk, meaning this just beats you over the head with a musky denatured patch/woodyamber sledgehammer once the scent settles in after an hour. The only saving grace is a hint of violet somewhere near the skin scent level, but it's not worth wading through the quagmire of loudness to reach it. Sillage is not super intense and longevity is average, but just the composition itself forms a huge molasses of everything "dudebros" want in a 2010's night time party juice and I just can't hang with it.

If making waves is your only real reason for wearing a fragrance, then I suppose Montblanc Legend Night is your choice of sauce, but to me it is just like an over-amped version of Montblanc Legend Spirit, which itself wasn't really to my liking because I didn't like the original Legend formula being dried out and spiked with ambroxan, since the 90's/2000's evernyl synth-fougère "expensive Axe spray" vibe of the original Legend was part of its charm. That charm was hampered in Legend Spirit, and decimated completely here in Legend Night, so I can't find any favor whatsoever with this. If you want a spicy "ambroxan bomb" nightclub scent, I suggest searching around, because with so many redundant entries in this genre, there is a lot of representation of the ideas found here just done a lot better than Legend Night. As always, you don't have to take my word for it, and please test away before making any decisions on your own, but regardless if you like it or not, you'll agree that there is nothing subtle about this scent at all, and sophistication is a foreign concept as well. Thumbs down for me.
Mar 18, 2019

Sort of generic fragrance that reminds me of 1 Million. Can be pretty cloying if you go heavy on the trigger. 6.5/10
Jul 24, 2018

A nice opening, but quickly sheds its complexity to reveal a big, bellowing chemical base that covers all the modern day cologne cliches that are targeted at young men looking for an upgrade from all the spray deodorants they used in high school.

Apr 16, 2018

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