Leder 6 / Fetisch 
J.F. Schwarzlose (2015)

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Leder 6 / Fetisch by J.F. Schwarzlose

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Leder 6 / Fetisch is a shared scent launched in 2015 by J.F. Schwarzlose

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Reviews of Leder 6 / Fetisch by J.F. Schwarzlose

There are 3 reviews of Leder 6 / Fetisch by J.F. Schwarzlose.

Really good stuff!

Leder 6 kicks off with a cinnamon-dusted pipe tobacco smell that immediately calls to mind Tobacco Vanille, but with the cloves and vanilla largely replaced by leather and saffron. It's a great pairing - the ashy undertones of the tobacco melt deliciously into the leather, while the combination of sweet spices and leathery wood calls to mind the intoxicating clash of Fahrenheit. This is what I had hoped Tom Ford's Tobacco Oud would smell like.

Things get even better as the milk note comes forward. It sounds like it should be terrible, but it's clever and fantastic, the way it mixes with the suede and spices to create a leathery hazelnut and almond milk smell that's somehow a perfect match with (and also gives a honeyed depth to) the leathery pie spices. It calls to mind the formality of a classic cuir de russie, but is decidedly post-modern in the way it rather geniously incorporates and calls to mind different genres and touchstones, while expressing them in ways that aren't just cheap copies.

This is easily my favorite of the Schwarzlose relaunch and one of the most clever, unique leather perfumes I've smelled in ages. Highly recommended.

Saffron mixed with leather notes always seem to bring a sueded, soft fine tuned leather accord. Coupled with the vanilla and milk notes there is indeed a tobacco aroma here too. I like this leather as a scent but it does lack boldness and staying power. Leder 6 / Fetisch does not smell nearly as robust or deep as Fetish from Roja Dove and it does not have the berry notes or the clean dry suede that Tuscan Leather or any of its similars do so beautifully. Leder 6 is a very dry, soft sueded mid toned leather that also has a slight dry tobacco sweetness as if chewing tobacco were used. A handsome perfume, but the sillage is quite light and the character is soft, suede leather with subtlety and finesse in place of boldness. There is definitely a place for a leather of this type and leather fragrance lovers should definitely check this one out.

Because of copyright issues this is going to have to be renamed -- to 'Leader 6' or Leder 6? (for future refence). All six in the range are above average imo, but Fetisch has a lovely, if unusual, opening and sort of catches you instantly.

Once it gets to the heart, it reminded me of Original Santal with suede and tobacco. This sweetish phase passes though and the drydown is much harder and very masculine. Can incense and styrax produce a tobacco like accord because that note persists for me anyway.

I like it a lot. Available in 50ml only, I think and retails at about £120.00.

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