The 'Les Eaux Rêvées' collection is inspired by the d'Ornano family, who own the brand:

This collection is made up of six fragrances resolutely mixed, olfactory odes with a perfect, ambivalent nature. Dive into these six fragrant waters, six essences, each in turn fresh, floral, warm and spiced. The accords are intriguing, just like our dreams, opening a window into rich and mysterious worlds.

L'Eau Rêvée d'Isa fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, black pepper, pink pepper
  • Heart

    • water jasmine, rose, green tea
  • Base

    • musk, oakmoss, patchouli

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Latest Reviews of L'Eau Rêvée d'Isa

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Isa kicks off with peppery florals on top. I'm kind of a sucker for this combination, as I generally enjoy the juxtaposition of the pretty flowers with sharp, masculine pepper. This is soon joined by the tomato leaf note made famous by Sisley's excellent Eau de Campagne. Then everything goes soapy as a strong white musk soap smell overtakes everything, giving the illusion of fancy, old-fashioned soap scented with the flowers and leaves of the topnotes.

In all, this does some things I quite like, but it just smells like fancy soap for most of its life, which isn't really what I'm into. Isa mostly reminds me how much I like Eau De Campagne, and I'd rather just wear that. I'm still voting thumbs up though, because this is perfectly nice and done with respect to Sisley's history.
8th June 2023