L'Eau par Kenzo Wild Edition pour Homme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon, coriander, ginger
  • Heart

    • mint, sage, cardamom
  • Base

    • atlas cedar, white musk

Latest Reviews of L'Eau par Kenzo Wild Edition pour Homme

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Don't like this at all. blind bought from a seller in the forum marketplace.

TBH, it smells like a dirty diaper for the most part. It someone has the opening of the original, but not as fresh and vibrant. It quickly fades into a weirdo, powdery, musky, synthetic mess.
26th December 2017
Not sure what the purpose of this is...yet pointless as it is, it is a good fragrance all on its own, no need to be a flanker. The opening blast is blue and fruity; by blue I mean shower gel freshness also found in detergents. The fruit is a juicy mango which when combined with the blue comes off as smelling both the skin and the meat of the mango.

Sadly the mango fades and gives way to the shower gel freshness making this quickly forgettable. Projects well and lasts at least a few hours. Doesn't get a better rating because it is pointless, unimaginative and banal. The only interesting thing about this is the dead on mango which I really like.

No, there is no mango in the notes, its just the way the notes interact with each other.
22nd April 2013

Very casual and free. Nothing special about it, though. Longevity and projection are average. Can't see this one worn but on a sunny, warm day with shirt wide open. It's quite airy but not typically fresh. Sure there are better frags out there, this one is worth a try non the less. I got it quite cheap, otherwise I wouldn't own it.
30th April 2012