L'Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo pour Femme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, mandarin, jasmine
  • Heart

    • orange blossom, ylang ylang
  • Base

    • tonka bean, amber

Latest Reviews of L'Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo pour Femme

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It is always exciting when a random fragrance catches my eye, because immediately I believe that it is fate, something beyond my control, that draws me in and urges me to love a new and unique scent.

Perhaps it was the beautiful purple coloured bottle that attracted me or the name of this fragrance that made me anxious to test this.

What hit me was a deep, sensual and unique scent which had been composed beautifully. The fruity top notes were subtle yet rich and sweet, with the slight presence of the plum note lingering underneath the fruits and the flowers. This scent is odd, but in a way that it makes you love this fragrance even more.

Eau Indigo transports me to some far off land, a tropical and fertile rainforest filled with luscious and rare fruits with clear, luminous starry skies.

When the tropical fruitiness passes, Eau Indigo softens into a powdery ylang ylang and jasmine blend. Strangely enough, as a child I owned a doll called 'Baby Born' which smelt exactly like this fragrance's drydown.

When I smell this fragrance, I can imagine wearing this at night and during colder months because it is so warm and mysterious. I dare to admit that I find this fragrance incredibly sexy.

Like Vertigo mentioned earlier, the colour indigo certainly matches this fragrance with its depth, mystery and darkness. I am eager to add this fragrance to my growing collection as it would add a different aspect and variety to what I already wear.

27th April 2011