L'Eau par Kenzo fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mint, mandarin, pink pepper
  • Heart

    • lotus, peach
  • Base

    • white musk, cedarwood

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I get a very strong water lily note, so intense that it made me dizzy even with one spritz. It somehow gave me an image of a lake full of water lilies deep in the forest, not oceanic or tropical. And I find it primarily a floral fragrance than fresh or aquatic. I doubt if it's suitable for a really hot summer day, probably better for spring and autumn.

The longevity is moderate, about 4 or 5 hours. Instead the sillage is quite impressive for an EDT.

Originally written in 2013.
26th September 2017
A nice summery minty vibe is the main part of the opening phase on my skin. Soon a slight berry mixes with floral component and hints of spiciness - a stage that I find a bit too generic on my skin. The basehas a white musk added with a pleasant tonka
Impression that is neither cloying not too sweet.

Performance is a tad week on me with soft sillage,
Limited projection and three hours of longevity. Light, pleasant but not special. 2.5/5
17th July 2015

A wonderful light smell for those have a sensitive nose to strong smells or are headache susceptible.L'Eau Par is one of the most refreshing feminine scents on the market.a gentle fragrance that kisses the skin.clean,mild,soothing, watery, delicate,interesting,simple, inoffensive and youngish.

Green notes and mint blend with fresh water floral and a soft and clean base notes by musk and vanilla makes it easy to wear and just gives you feel happy.in fact it smells light with a gentle touch of floral.simple elegance is lovely characteristic this one for me.

Highly recommend to everybody who needs of a time out from their everyday life sit in the tub and relax.it is ideal for a shy or blithe character and i recommend it for daytime wear in hot weather for example to walk to the beach or on mornings especially sunday mornings.
24th April 2015
I like this scent, but it's too light for me. I can't keep the scent with me for more than an hour or two. The top has some interesting notes that almost make me give it a thumbs up, but I'm usually disappointed with the longevity, so I rarely reach for it.

Today, though, staying in with other people close by, I wanted something light, so I'm wearing it, but I wouldn't buy a bottle. I was given this one as a gift.
26th October 2014
Perfect scent!It's soooo amaizing! Amaizing really! So fresh, oceanic, light and still charming! Is not a clean-nostrilas fragrance. Haven´t found any perfume at this time that can take L'eau's place! Sadly (so sadly) it doesn't last long :( I mean I am not expecting the perfume to last 12 hours, but you have to spray on your clothes, arms, hair to feel it during the day. I think it is so light fragrance that if you are on an enviroment or room with other strong fragrances/smells, it just... let's say it just blends in... You probably will smell other's perfume than L'eau but at times you feel it's presence (Does that make sense...? O_o) That's the way I can describe it =)) Even tho I am not wearing it for other's people's pleasure lol, as long as I can feel it I'm ok. Love L'eau!!!Pros: Light, fresh, priceCons: Longevity, sillage"
22nd October 2013
I live in the tropics and this makes me think of standing in my back porch after an afternoon shower. The sunlight through the dark clouds making all the colours glow, water dripping off leaves and flowers and pooling on the grass. The fragrance of it all rises and, suddenly, nature teaches you the scent of green, grey and white. This is a very natural and delicate fragrance.
20th March 2013
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