L'Eau Mixte 
Nicolaï (2010)

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Reviews of L'Eau Mixte by Nicolaï

There are 7 reviews of L'Eau Mixte by Nicolaï.

This smells of a slightly feminine and very herbal cooling mix of grapefruit, bergamot, cassis leaves, mint (lots of mint), and hints of vetiver. The overall impression is herbal, light, green, citric, and uplifting. Sillage is moderate but subtle while longevity unfortunately is not amazing at only 3 hours of projection. Overall, it's nice but marred by bad longevity.

Sep 8, 2018

Citrus and spice is what I get from L'Eau Mixte. Grapefruit, bergamot and lemon mixed with musk, rose and spicy notes. Very green and earthy, absolutely beautiful. Great fragrance for the spring and summer months.
Mar 24, 2017

L’eau MiXte demonstrates that the key to successfully showcasing citrus notes lies in the cast assembled to push from behind. This entry to Patricia Nicolaï’s Eau Fraiche range is rightly celebrated for its complexity and solid construction – managed without sacrificing the effortless nature of a good summery citrus.
Here we have a sparkling bergamot and lemon combo (with grapefruit and blackcurrant bud accents) which is supported by a rich green and sweet floral accord in the mode of Diptyque’s L’Ombre Dans L’Eau, with a further layer of dry vetiver and moss coming up behind. And yet the focus stays on the citrus, which is natural and light and bears a big smile. When the citrus fades after a few hours, one is left with a floral perfume which seems complete in its own right.
Jun 22, 2015

I'm starting to love PdN just for being high quality and ultra-reliable scents. I stopped in one of the Paris shops and made the poor lady stand around forever while I sampled like everything in the building. This one opens with grapefruit, very bright but unlike Guerlain's AA Pamplemousse, Mixte doesn't make me want to sneeze, Mixte lasts forever, and Mixte has quite a surprising bit of development for a bright citrus scent. After a while the grapefruit starts to fade into a bright synthetic fruity rosy blackcurrant. I don't get much mint here but maybe that's just me. This middle accord is great and separates it from many similar offerings. Things do start to get a bit too bright here though, the whole scent gets slightly piercing from here on out. Great sillage as a result! Maybe just too much for me. There's a moment when the citrus amazingly kind of comes back, even after a couple of hours. The squeaky-clean musk starts coming in and I'm sad to see the fruity rose go. There's something else mixed in with the musk, I believe it's the oakmoss. It's a great way of giving a bit of interest to a potentially too-boring end. Nine hours later (!) I still smell a very bright musk, bright and synthetic enough to still have a bit of sillage. (Admittedly scents do last a long time on me, but the lasting power here is just unreal.) This is a great safe citrus to grab on a bright simmer day when I need something reliable and inoffensive. Might get too sharp for the wearer after a while so be gentle on the spray. I'm a new PdN fan!
Jun 9, 2015

A nice grapefruit opening with mint leads into more floral drydown, which is dominated by a pleasant rose impression.  A touch of wood and ambery vibes with a musky patchouli added later on.  Summery, with reasonable silage and projection, and five hours of longevity. 3.5/5 Summer delight
Jan 29, 2014

veeery pleasant L'eau Mixte is a beautiful eau de cologne. The lemon is just happiness and layering it with mint and rose (these stand out for me) makes a compelling composition. This is a very safe fragrance and very inoffensive. There is a brightness but also a depth to it that I appreciate very much. My only problem with L'eau Mixte is its moderate silage which is explained by the fact that it is after all an eau de cologne. The longevity though is good for a cologne and well into 4-5 hours. I read somewhere that this is because of musks at the base. Indeed, towards the dry down I was reminded of Body Shop's White Musk perfume oil I used to wear 25 years ago. I would love L'eau Mixte in higher concentration. Pros: very beautiful take on citrusCons: moderate silage"
Aug 18, 2013

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