The company say:

When East meets Far East. The encounter between the strength of water and light. A luminous oriental Eau de Parfum beaming with intensely addictive amber notes and dark, vibrant woods.

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Noir Ambré fragrance notes

  • Head

    • saffron, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander
  • Heart

    • leather, cedarwood, papyrus
  • Base

    • amber, vanilla, tonka bean, vetiver

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Latest Reviews of L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Noir Ambré

WOW! WOW! WOW! Amazing juice. It is similar to a few others on the market (PDM Habdan and TF TV for sure) with just a slight difference with the vetiver. Overall I find it most similar to Korres Saffron Tobacco this is just sweeter. Really great and it is available on online sites. Get a bottle while you can people. Enjoy!
17th August 2022
This is first wearing of Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Noir Ambre, a 2016 release that seems to be among the most hyped-up and resold a higher (i.e. $100+) prices on the secondary market for its 100ml bottle size.

It's an aptly-named dark amber that's midway between dry and syrupy, definitely a slightly sharp, designer-type (appropriately) amber rather than a deeper expression of amber (that is otherwise either sweeter or more animalic). Moreover, it has woody, spicy, and leathery influences and does have a multifaceted sort of feel–again, more of a designer blend (typical of the brand) than an amber-dominant mix. I can see why it's seemingly so popular on account of it neither being too sweet nor too animalic, also.

It does not appear that Noir Ambre is officially discontinued, though, as its URL on the Issey Miyake website is active, and it does occasionally pop up for sale on discounter sites like FragranceNet and FragranceBuy.CA, but certainly the perception seems to be that supply is limited, thereby driving up its price.

Overall, I think Noir Ambre is in the league of Or Encens and Polaris as a solid resin-heavy yet still well-blended risk. It feels better-rounded than Polaris, which has a faintly cigarette smoke vibe, but not as complete as Or Encens. It's very good, but some of the prices it's going for (well above $100, at times) seem to be a bit of a stretch. In the price range of some of the more popular recent releases, perhaps $60-70 for 100ml, it's a good buy, though.

8 out of 10
3rd March 2021

Heavy, oily leather note in the beginning that gives way to a warm, delicious vanilla and tonka finish in the drydown. Refined and masculine from start to finish.

I'm really impressed with how this performs and smells.

I'd say this is probably best in cooler temps and going out at night. Not a club scent but should be very good in romantic or close interaction situations where you could be receiving hugs or having close conversations.

Projects and lasts, only spray more than 2-3 sprays if you'll be outdoors.
18th September 2018
Probably what one of the three wise men must have smelled like.

I appreciate this because of the sheer perfumery that went into this. Ditto the Or Encens flanker also by Christophe Raynaud.

At first sniff, you can tell this isn't some lazy effort of aromachems. Instead, you are greeted with layered depth complete with individual nuance.

Very nichey this, a delight for the nose as the notes dance around and bounce off each other.

In the end, it all concludes somewhat quickly, again lending to a nich like quality. Does not stick around forever like aromachems would. Instead, it performs like there are natural oils and resins at work, including harsh unrounded tones here and there.

25th February 2018
A mystic combination of roasted leather and soapy-spicy "fumee'" waxy-honeyed amber a la Miller Harris La Fumee Maroc. A flamboyant honeyed spicy oriental focused on smoky leather (utterly dried down by harsh papyrus and burnt resins/elements from the woods) and old spices. Along the way I get a sort of rubbery touch of creamed myrrh/frankincese. The soon collapsing structure does not live up the relentless flow of time.
4th December 2017