L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Eau d'Été Summer Edition 
Issey Miyake (2009)


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Reviews of L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Eau d'Été Summer Edition by Issey Miyake

This isn't worth the hype it receives. It's pleasant, but so is pretty much every other Issey Miyake flanker. This has a green grass opening with some tangerine and other citruses. Combine that with a little bit of spice and the IM DNA and this is it. If you like the grassy accord in the opening go with the limited edition Yuzu.
Mar 18, 2015

Perfect for the warm weather! Not as in your face as the original. The citrus seems to be toned down on my skin which is great. Glad I purchased this one. I actually like this one just as much as the original. Nice aquatic without that salty vibe like most aquatics.
Aug 1, 2014

This is a simply a great quality Summer fragrance for the price - at least for now. Prices will be going up as it gets more scarce (2009). I certainly prefer this version to the original as it is not as thick and is less floral, though the floral is still present. The citrus is amped up and it has that mood enhancing sharpness to it. I get a lot of tangerine, but apparently this is the yuzu. Overall the notes are well blended. The sillage and longevity are excellent for this type of scent. I get 6-8 hours. This does great in the Summer, but it can wear year-round especially in the office.

Aug 31, 2012

A lot of hype for this edition.

Comes in a super-sized 125 ml bottle with a chunky cap of enough Lucite to satisfy every plastic-lover in your family.

Has some real power to it, so you'll want to watch out for over-application.

I'm discovering that perhaps I'm not the aquatic fan that I thought I might be, and as a result I'm giving this a neutral rating. But in light the general enthusiasm , if looking for a summer aquatic, this would seem to be worth trying.
Aug 6, 2012

Possibly my favorite summer scent, ever! Own a backup bottle of this one too. I've never actually sampled the original, I was offered this to sample when it came out at my local Sephora and it was just captivating; I had to buy it right then and there. Shame it's completely limited but thankfully it's not so popular so the price gouging has yet to occur.
Apr 6, 2012

i've loved the original for years and decided to try the summer version. I fell in love with it. It's not too different from the original. This one has rounded edges. Not as sharp as the original. Very good on silage and longevity is not bad either. I will give longevity an A actually,considering it's a summer version of a summer frangrance. (yes i know it makes no sense but the original is supposed to be a summer fragrance which does better than most winter stuff out there)

I will use it sparingly since i know i might not find it anywhere once i'm done with my bottle!
Dec 12, 2011

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