L'Eau de Néroli 
Diptyque (2008)

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Reviews of L'Eau de Néroli by Diptyque

There are 12 reviews of L'Eau de Néroli by Diptyque.

A fairly basic copy of the Mugler Cologne/Creed Original Vetiver mix of neroli and vetiver. It's peppery and green and fresh, but also soapy.

Viewed within the pantheon of Mugler/Creed copycats, L'Eau de Néroli is soapy enough that it's closer to Mugler than Creed, smelling similar to Bond No 9's Eau De NY, which shares a soapy drydown that reminds me of Irish Spring soap. But I'd personally go with Bond, because Eau de NY is stronger and richer than this Diptyque.

Thumbs up, because this is a formula I enjoy, but with no points for originality whatsoever, and mild annoyance that it's not even the best of the clones.
May 24, 2021

The opening blast is refreshingly delicious: citrus-verbena with orange blossom, and hints of verbena. A touch of petitgrain is also present, and soon the neroli arrives, whilst the citrus evaporates after the first twenty minutes.

The drydown keeps up the orange blossom, easily the dominant component of this creation, with the neroli playing an accompaniment rôle, and in the base a white musk is added that blends in very nicely. At times a touch of sweetness is present, based upon a honeyed bees wax impression that at times makes an appearance in the background, but it is a very discrete sweetness only; in general L'Eau de Neroli is not a sweet fragrance.

This summery delight displays moderate sillage, good projection and I get on my skin a longevity of five hours. Pleasant, well made, nothing exciting but well-structured and with enough complexity and quality of ingredients to give is a thumbs-up. 3.25/5
Dec 26, 2015

I am not a fan of "hesperidés" fragrances, and I am much picky with this class of scents - this is to say "perhaps this is not that bad as I depict it". I don't like them mostly because they all smell really close one to each other to me. This is not an exception. It's, well, citrus and orange and "freshness". Not bad and quite natural, I just don't see the specific reasons why someone should choose this one and not other ones (even by Diptyque as well).


Feb 19, 2014

This is mostly my winter, cool weather spritz. It has a warm citrus, subtle neroli, and slight musky dry down. I'm not a musk fan, but it's not too much for the way I use it. I enjoy the contrast of a warm citrus on a cool, overcast day. I wish the scent had a bit of petigrain to strengthen the neroli's sparkling character and give it a bit of green freshness.
Sep 18, 2010

This starts with a gorgeous, fresh, slightly soapy orange blossom note. It quickly deepens into a white musk scent. This is a very simple scent: orange blossom and musk, that’s about it. Unisex in orientation, and perhaps slightly sweet in character. The dry down develops a slight woody aspect. The musk dominates here, a bit more than I care for. Nothing original or distinctive in this scent, it is simply Diptyque’s version of an orange blossom special.
Jun 15, 2010

Best BASIC neroli based cologne water I've ever tried. Bright and crisp with geranium note that is easy to detect (so if you don't like geranium don't spray this on). If you are looking of a deep neroli or something with more complex, try out Penhaligon's Castile or C&S's Neroli. This would be good for a "spritz n' wake up" type of dealie but for the price, nah. Go with something else. But I really do like this scent.
Oct 8, 2009

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