L'Eau Cheap and Chic 
Moschino (2001)

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L'Eau Cheap and Chic by Moschino

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L'Eau Cheap and Chic is a women's perfume launched in 2001 by Moschino

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Reviews of L'Eau Cheap and Chic by Moschino

There are 5 reviews of L'Eau Cheap and Chic by Moschino.

A rather unremarkable fragrance that calls to mind powdery cherries. It's very light, almost as if you weren't wearing perfume but rather a freshly laundered shirt. It has sadly, about the same lasting power as the smell of laundry detergent and fades quite quickly. I rather like it personally however, as I find it's one of the youngest scents I've ever tried without blatant notes of fruits and flowers.

Fruity, bright, fresh, floral and soapy but its nice

Top note : Arum lily, Freesia, Rose, GooseberryMiddle note : Orange, Star aniseBase note : Vetiver, Heliotrope, Grey amberWell, they got the cheap part right. L'Eau Cheap and Chic has a floral and fruity-sweet opening. It might be considered nice in a way, but it's shallow and, ultimately, cheap … and the concept of “chic” is just ridiculous. The middle notes bring in a little bit of spice and more fruit notes, but with some synthetic overtones to them–these are not terrible accords, but, even worse than being synthetic, they have moved the fragrance into becoming cloying. The whole scent has a mediocre ambiance and is basically unrefined, unimaginatively designed, and lacks longevity. And to add insult to injury, L'Eau Cheap and Chic is too potent to be called “L'Eau.” L'Eau? – NO! Chic? – NO! Cheap? – For sure.

soapy. dark. bright. this perfume is such a mystery, but a pleasant one. its dark in some ways, but sharp and bright in others. but in the end, it is a clean scent that is soapy, yet lovely.

Heh... it's zesty; I'll give it that. Cheap n' Chic is floral, fruity, clean, nice, innocuous, and somewhat antiseptic. My nose is neither pleased nor displeased. The husband thinks it's floral, but I'm unconvinced. The little black bottle says "fear me, woman!" but the juice says "I am daffodil, I am lemon. Purr." There's wood in here somewhere, but I don't know where. Nice, but strange.

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