L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme 
Issey Miyake (2004)

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Reviews of L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

There are 103 reviews of L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake.

My kind of fragrance (mind you, I love Horizon).
If Lanvin Oxygene and CK Truth had a baby, it's this.
Gorgeous drydown.
Nov 21, 2020

L'Eau Bleue is angular in its beak, zesty in its feet and silver in its reach. It all begins with the camphorous shrubbery of rosemary and the heavily devoted fir, whose needles sprinkled with an orange tang, are enlightened by a juniper pepper twist and a zen-like ginger bow, that together graze terrestrial wetlands ordained by sweet green balsamic resins. All this alchemy gives way to an aluminium feel that is cold, still, and yet liberating. Truly, a standout in the Miyake camp and a hesitating beauty of a scent; strange, introspective, minimalist, and futurist. Contrary to belief, blue is the warmest color.
Nov 4, 2020

I agree with Black Cloud, Seeroos, Reventon, and others - there's just something really off-putting in this one. Maybe it's the Nast(y)urtium...? But yeah - spice-rack, Indian food in a dirty diaper, in a rain-forest vibe is about right! Gross.
Apr 21, 2020

The opening smells cheap, fresh, clean, masculine and somewhat dated. There is a pepperiness that smells very mature and kinda "sweaty". Citrusy, 90's bro juice, that's what I get. It actually reminds me of Thallium Black. The drydown isn't bad but doesn't save this scent for me.

Performance is average, both in projection and longevity.
Feb 12, 2020

Blackcloud's description of "Rainy Forest Vindaloo" is unnervingly accurate. Big shame, because I'm an Issey Miyake fan, but this just doesn't work for me.

I really want to give this a chance, but it looks like this will get regifted some time soon.
Oct 26, 2019

I was attracted by the beautiful minimalist box art and was curious about blue fragrances so I purchased it. The scent itself is pleasant, but doesn't perform and the quality isn't the greatest. I would've called this a clone of Gucci Pour Homme II, but it turns out that GPHII came out in '07 and this in '04. So I guess clones can actually be superior! Get your nose on GPHII if you appreciate this. It is superior in every way!
Aug 10, 2019

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