L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Eau Fraîche 
Issey Miyake (2006)

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L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Eau Fraîche by Issey Miyake

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L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Eau Fraîche is a men's fragrance launched in 2006 by Issey Miyake

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Reviews of L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Eau Fraîche by Issey Miyake

There are 13 reviews of L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Eau Fraîche by Issey Miyake.

Not too bad a flanker of the L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme. As I had expected, this Eau Fraîche version would have a more aromatic, spicier finish than the original (parallel to L'Eau d'Issey Eau Fraîche vs. its predecessort).

It's toned down, herbal, clean and fresh, not as stocked with fancy notes as the original, yet it does share the rosemary, patchouli and musk notes and doesn't stray too too far in dna.

Longevity is okay; a light second layer applied atop the first can increase this. Overall, I give it props for giving deference to Issey Miyake's beautiful L'Eau Bleue, though I don't know how relevant and memorable this one may really end up being.

With a very important caveat this is a very good fresh cheepo , and indeed days of overwhelming humidity and heat this may be the fragrance of choice especially if you are looking for a masculine scent. It may be that the cologne dissolves in the perspiration which is what makes it last longer. Otherwise it is gone in 20 minutes leaving you with a shadow of that awful burning rubber/amber of the bleue itself.
I can see the problem Odyseum and his acolyte have. However on hot humid days the opening is wonderfully fresh bergamot mint and rosemary, but then it looses some of that substance and you are left with a freshness which is an entity in itself. Almost powdery, minty, a touch of musk. It will be an unshakeable companion on overly humid hot days but a flop on others unless you keep on spraying yourself with it every half hour.
The expensive option would be Xerjoff shooting stars but that is a little too feminine.
However a better fresh cheapo which works on dry and humid days is IM's very own Summer 2009. Harder and harder to get. Otherwise there is IM Homme Fraiche which is nice enough although uninspiring but it lasts a long time as a skin scent with not a whiff of pepper.

Fragrance: 7.75/10
Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 2/10

I'm in agreement with odysseusm on this. The top notes promise something better than the original (which I don't care for at all), but it's all downhill from there.

The original is a groundbreaking designer fragrance imo, and this flanker is pretty solid too. My biggest gripe is longevity though, I get 2-3 hours max. The spearmint note is really nice, haven't found a mint note this good since Live Jazz. The opening is similar to the original but only for a few seconds, before it becomes mint and citrus dominated. The rosemary is much more toned down than the original, and overall it's more fresh as the bottle says.

I loved the original so much that I was considering blind buying this at retail when I heard it was coming out. Though I knew if I waited I would find it on sale. Unfortunately for a couple years, it was nowhere to be found, until recently. As I picked up a big bottle for about $25, I don't think I would pay more than $30 for the 4.2 oz.

So far I have yet to find an Issey scent that I do not like. Very clean mint and slightly sharp herbal blast to start and becomes smoother as it drys. I find it a lighter version of the original Issey Bleue flanker. For the quality and price it is a great scent for the spring and summer. Enjoy.

This scent has intrigued me since the first time I smelled it at a perfume store. The saleswoman wanted to show me other fragrances (more interesting ones in her opinion) and sprayed L'Eau Bleau D'Issey Eau Fraiche in the air, looking absolutely bored. Well, I have to agree with her that it really seems to be a generic, repetitive and boring perfume... especially at a first glance.

But, I use to see things more deeply and... what intrigued me most is the fact that my interest was born in the absence, because a blast of fresh and bitter bergamot was everything I could have and it disappeared in less than ten seconds without any apparent trace.

No apparent trace? Well, it was exactly this missing trail that made me want to test the fragrance on my skin, so as to confirm its nonexistence.

But then, on my skin, something else was revealed: a subtle composition, so clean and light that I questioned whether its presence existed only in my mind. The smiling aroma of rosemary mingled with the bitter freshness of bergamot, in a quick and slippery evolution that I had no time to perceive the mint.

Floral notes tried to emerge and suddenly gave up the intention, perhaps due to some shyness in the face of patchouli's expressiveness. A clean, linear, creamy patchouli that owes its consistency and weight to the synthetic musk.

Now, you must know that all this affluence was not observed easily. Do not try to understand this fragrance in winter, because it only fully reveals itself at higher temperatures, above 30°C, also being favored by high humidity. Only then I could be seduced by the captivating harmony between rosemary, patchouli and musk.

It is beautiful, and I want this accord in a more intense and long lasting way!
But, can I have it? Will it spoil the harmony?
Some scents exist only in thin air.
You, by my side, can you feel it?
I know how it feels, but maybe it is all in my mind.

Sound track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW0p7jQnKqg

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