François Demachy:

Oud wood exudes aromas of Leather when it is burned. It is an astonishing, very animal-like scent... Oud inspired me to make it the focus of an intense, woody Leather fragrance. A very masculine fragrance bursting with character.

Leather Oud fragrance notes

    • Indonesian oud wood, Leather, Gaiac wood, Cedar, Sandalwood

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Not many people know that this absolute beauty was reformulated way before the time Dior rebottled the Privee collection. The OG Leather Oud is the 2010-2013 formula. What I personally find to be way amped up in this version are the Civet and the Beeswax accords. The OG to me it's more about Civet, Beeswax, and smoky Oud accord, whereas the subsequent versions drop the civet and the beeswax and amp up the leather, dryness, and the woodiness. It's an absolute shame because that waxy, sweet beeswax is to die for, and it pairs brilliantly with the civet and the rest of the composition. Very well-rounded animalic perfume that offers everything while taking a full circle, and without missing a spot. It's smoky and woody, it's furry and pissy, it's waxy, resinous, and sweet. Very warm, inviting, and alluring. The more recent versions are very boring and similar to many other dry leathers and woody perfumes. Basically a dry, woody, smoky leather. It's nice but redundant. The original was unique and way more complex, offering a more complete experience. Personally, I don't find this offensive at all, I think it's eye-rolling sexy, and this, alongside OG Ispahan, and OG Eau Noire are the best perfumes Dior has ever created.
5th June 2023
While the opening is not for the faint of heart, the dry down is quite lovely presenting a beautiful slightly tenacious animal leather in the foreground with oud and cedar (almost smelling like incense with the mix) just behind the leather. The first 10 minutes are pungent, raw, probably challenging for most, and everything afterwards is a lovely experience. The leather later becomes more blended with the woods and any rough edges are smoothed out. This fragrance is not for days out on the town when you’re wanting to smell clean and cheerful. No. This is better reserved for the evenings or for when your thoughts are more of a sensual nature. Perhaps more appropriate when you’re compelled by licentious intentions, with your SO of course. 👍
18th February 2023

A year ago I received the new formula (I guess?) bottle of Leather Oud that I recently bought. It says 8C02X - which means it's produced in March 2018. No idea wether it's the new version, or rather the old one. I am asumming it's the new version.

OK so I am testing directly 2014 and 2018 versions of Leather Oud.

The new version should be named Civet Leather or Skanky Leather. Still and undeniably leather is a star in this fragrance. The main difference (on my skin) is: the 2018 version is much louder on civet - what I actually prefer. The old one from the 2014 has a prominent oud background and I can smell it clearly on my skin.

Surprisingly - I like the NEW version more. I prefer the pure blend of leather and civet. The older one is richer though, significantly.
27th August 2022
I'm still relatively new to fragrance as a passionate hobby, so a semi-educated opinion is about the best i have to offer. That said, CDLO is unique, challenging, polarizing, and not for the faint of heart. It performs exceptionally well. For me, its a must have. My advice though is to try before u buy...but try it a half dozen times.
2nd February 2021
A stunning powerful oud with spicy animatic touches. It gets compared to oud 27 a bit, but this is deeper and manlier. A must have for masculine oud fans. You can also apply it by misting it in the air for a lighter veil, which smells completely different than a direct spray.
27th January 2021
One of the worst representations of genuine oud, which I have many. They couldn't even showcase the most basic facets of oud oils distilled from barely resinated parts. This is the type of fragrance that give oud the bad name amongst many who have not tried genuine oud oils. I wish I could score below 0!
If you want to experience genuine oud in perfumes then stick to Sultan Pasha, Areej Le Dore, Tauer, Ensar, Teone Reinthal, Laurant Smal, Mellifluence, Al Shareef Oudh and other small and indie houses.
4th November 2019
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