Leather Essence fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lavender, clove bud, violet leaf
  • Heart

    • cinnamon, patchouli, leather
  • Base

    • tonka bean, black steel accord, oud wood

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Latest Reviews of Leather Essence

Good stuff , and for the price an excellent deal, I get more spices then leather really. Cinnamon, cloves.
The sweetness is under control as well.
Egoist and Carven Homme come to mind.
15th September 2018
Ferrari Leather Essence is another solid example of a fragrance from the company that comes at a good value, generally in the $30-40 for the standard 100ml.

It's a crafty leather, somewhat sweet and spicy but mostly pivoting to the powdery tonka that, along with the leather, dominates my experience of the scent. Elements like clove and cinnamon add a certain spiciness, with the lavender/citrus pairing gives it a burst of brightness at the beginning that quickly fades.

While it's objective a nice composition, it's overwhelmingly powdery on my skin for the first 2-3 hours of wearing, after which it mellows out somewhat. So in that respect, it definitely performs well, with significant projection for a while. Again, an excellent value, but for my money, I'd rather enjoy a sweet leather in Davidoff Leather Blend.

7 out of 10
17th August 2018

A perfectly rounded leather release by ferrari..as good as any leather based fragrance I've tried, the leather is expertly tamed by a touch of tonka and floral's, like most Italian fragrances it is blended from fantastic ingredients with an elegant under belly that makes it very sophisticated. Not a million miles away from mahon leather by floris, gentle in approach but deceptively strong and long lasting (second skin like), welcome in most seasons and situations except a heat wave. A fragrance that would still feel a bargain at twice the price.
8th August 2018
Leather Essence is Ferrari Uomo taken to a whole new level. It layers on a deeply luxurious and realistic leather note that it heralded by a boozy, semi-gourmand Bourbon/vanilla note. This is slightly sweeter than Uomo but definitely not a sweet gourmand scent. Once the top notes are over, this is a tonka and patchouli leather scent with some oud playing a supporting role. Good performance. To me, this is what Tuscan Leather wanted to be and failed. Perfect scent for fall and winter, but could also work for sultrier summer days if worn in moderation. As with the other essence line fragrances, the bottle is fantastic.
4th June 2018
Take Ferrari Uomo and add some metallic oud to the base. I think the leather gets lost in the cinnamon and metallic oud base. For a leather fragrance it seems the leather is overwhelmed by the other notes.

It is okay, but the components make it a mess. Maybe rate this a 5 out of 10. I liked Ferrari Uomo much better.
9th April 2017
The opening is pretty good, but it doesn't last that long. Bright Neroli remains the only Ferrari I really like.
13th March 2017
The opening is a mix leather and Ferrari Uomo, which I like very much. Later the drydown reminds me of Hanae Mori HiM, a sweet woodsy scent, another favorite of mine. Very pleased with the performance as well, projecting well and still getting whiffs hours after.
14th May 2016

So back in 2009 Ferrari launched Ferrari Uomo and I absolutely loved it. It was an Italian version of Fahrenheit but done in a way that was evocative of actual Ferraris, from oil and gasoline to exhaust fumes. Manly! I crowned it the best jus Ferrari makes. That has changed.

Leather Essence is the new king of Ferrari jus...I have smelled them all including Essence Oud and they all pale in manly comparison to F LE. My opinion of course but I doubt you will disagree after one sniff. This stuff is a YES.

BTW for oud lovers, this is the real oud if you do not like the rose/medicinal combo type of oud.

28th August 2015