Leather & Brandy fragrance notes

    • leather, brandy, spice

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Leather & Brandy
Were smelling rather dandy
In butanic spray

For a little while
Très imaginary style
Lived another day

In the Churchill chair
Parking moi said derrière

Ah, but Brandy knows
Not my lips nor even those
Knowing history

Call us what you will
Wisp of wine will wander still
Waxing Wexnerly

Should I recognize
Ode de some perfumer's lies
Still poetic'ly

Let lush leather wane
Drops of brandy make this stain
Tartly like young love

Should the mem'ry fade
Let that from 't'was dearly said
Fall from deep above

Kivas twenty-one
Know their story isn't done
What was I to wear?

Leather, Brandy &
Smelling like a hundred grand
None were wiser there

Spicy wine vat tannery
Bubbles into life

Hot mess mauve dress smell
Someone knows you too damn well
Think it was my wife

Of the boozy four
Bath & Body's manly more
Leather made this sale

Brandy tagged along
Knowing she could do no wrong
Wagging eager tale

Let us then explore
Bucket listy desty more
Wildly Westly we

That the wifely life
Free from stay-at-homely strife
Oh, say, can you see?

Raiders of Lost Park
Secrets of a diff'rent arc
Whole Ungrayly bits

Gravely stolen by
Lost descendants asking why
Silent stone still sits

We of modern fires
Strange perfumes and odd desires
Stealing bits of light

Leave no trace behind
Campfires only in the mind
Pitch black in the night

Let their smoke remain
Sing to those who hear again
Breathing in the song

Echo from cold stone
Light ancestral brightly shone
Through glad senses wrong

Wooden kitchen seat
Though you not be so replete
Vision questily

Thanks for all the where
Sturdy stillness helped me dare
Bath & Bodily.
21st November 2022