Le Vetyver 
Lubin (2008)

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The sample I have is labeled Le Vetiver, spelled with an "i." It's nice, and far nicer, for my tastes, than Lubin's Le Vetiver Bluff. Whereas Bluff smells like off-the-shelf aroma chemicals, not the worst ones, but not the most interesting, this vetiver smells more natural, interesting, and nuanced; a mix of soap and a nice summer day; fairly similar to Guerlain Vetiver.
May 14, 2018

There was a point in Basenotes history when this was consistently mentioned as one of the "important" vetivers alongside Guerlain and Sycomore and such, though its star seems to have dimmed a bit over the years. It's a shame, as this is a really nice vetiver that's true enough to the note to deserve its place at the table, while still being unique enough to stand out from the pack in its own way.

Of course, it smells like a proper vetiver, grassy and green and lemony with that signature iodine sharpness played against nutmeggy sweetness. It calls to mind candied lettuce and celery soda, as well as sparkling tonic water. In a way that's hard to describe, it also has a "pretty" undertone that implies flowers without being particularly floral.

In terms of placement, I'd say Le Vetyver lives halfway between Guerlain's Vetiver (astringent purist vetiver chypre) and their Vetiver Pour Elle (flowery sweet candied lettuce), incorporating the best of both while the soda freshness gives it additional character. Definitely worth a sniff for vetiver fans.
Mar 15, 2018

Great vetiver alert here. Lubin’s Le Vetiver is grand. I don’t know why this fragrance goes unnoticed since it is a superb vetiver sold in a too modest price. It starts very close with the Guerlain, citrusy and fresh with perhaps a more herbal accent and dries down to a incensy woody way very classy and manly. The tobacco note makes a great backbone and deep into the drydown almost dominates the vetiver note. This scent reminds me of the old-school laid back masculines that were full of grace and elegance. If you like perfumes (not only vetivers) I can’t understand how this isn’t in your wardrobe already. It is on par and possibly even higher than the current Guerlain. A vetiver par excellence for a decent price at once. Thanks, Lubin for making great perfumes for men.
Oct 3, 2017

I dislike most vetiver fragrances, but this is nice. It has a balance of spices (warm) and citrus,frankincense and cedar (cool) to make it complex and rich. A nice fragrance and well made.
Jul 16, 2017

A sublime vetiver .....

A wonderful fresh, spicy vetiver. The touch of cloves brings warmth to the composition and provides an interesting contrast to its cooler aspects. It's similar to the Guerlain, but is spicier, drier and more masculine. There is a little less emphasis on smokiness. Instead it rich, green and deep. Once the aromatic aspects subside, the dry down is very lush and comforting. Good sillage for a vetiver fragrance and admirable tenacity on skin.

While it doesn't present much compositional novelty, it is also one of the rare cases of flawless execution of a classic style. Easily one of the best vetivers out on the market within the traditional masculine realm. Excellent stuff. Criminally underrated.

Jun 2, 2017

I like this. It has a nice blast of green but smoky vetiver. I like that it has both elements. The middle notes were a bit heavy on the cedar for me. I like cedar but it really over powered the vetiver.
Le Vetiver is the first scent that I have tried that illustrates what I understand to be a linear fragrance. About 5 minutes in, I am getting the spice notes. It's not my favorite vetiver, but it seems to be high quality and multidimensional.
Jul 10, 2014

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