Le Vestiaire des Parfums : Tuxedo 
Yves Saint Laurent (2015)

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Le Vestiaire des Parfums : Tuxedo by Yves Saint Laurent

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One of the Yves Saint Laurent 'Vestiaire des Parfums' collection:

Inheriting the couturier’s creative spirit, Le Vestiaire des Parfums is a collection of bold, signature unisex fragrances, each inspired by one of YSL’s iconic garments, materials or addresses.

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Reviews of Le Vestiaire des Parfums : Tuxedo by Yves Saint Laurent

There are 5 reviews of Le Vestiaire des Parfums : Tuxedo by Yves Saint Laurent.

The opening is one of those cliff edge moments. I was looking for a daily wearer cosy multipurpose scent. It starts off perfect. Fresh spicy masculine without being in your face. Subtle yet invigorating. Touch of bergamot but mainly violet pepper patchouli. Outstanding. Then the drydown. Increasingly sweet unisex violet rose Lilly vanilla touch of pepper and less of Patchouli. Perfectly nice and clearly well blended but... Would I want to know someone like me smelling like this? No. A lady with this? For sure. An older gentleman can get away with this as well. Given the hype and price this is a thumbs down. At half it would be neutral at 1/3 it would be thumbs up.
As a hot tip. I just bought Clive Christian Rock Rose. Now that is a stunner. Fulfills my criteria perfectly. Trouble is it's limited edition. When I told customer service that their value for money quotient risked dipping into the red unless there were seasonal discounts they behaved like one of those stuck up sales assistants in Harrods who can't even afford one of their products. He ignored the most important tool when dealing with people which is tactical empathy. Well I feel his pain as I bought it somewhere else.

I think it's important to not make this fragrance out to be more than it is. While I enjoy it very much, and love wearing it, it's not particularly complex, and I could just as easily see it being some sort of Paco Rabanne "NIGHT" release or something like that. In general, it's a warm, comfortable, sweet, toasty benzoin-vanilla fragrance for men with some subtle elegant embellishments of rose and patchouli. It feels very current and designer-like, best suited for evenings. Here's my review:

Tuxedo is a warm, sweet fragrance, with a soft, toasted caramellic accord blended among dark patchouli woods and a very subtle powdery elegance that results from a Rose and violet accord that sits deep in the heart. It almost seems as if it's going to be a gourmand in the way of something like Pure Malt but the rose and violet seem to keep it just on the edge, giving it just enough formality to keep it out of the “ooh I want to eat this” zone, and more along the lines of something that will make others want to lean in closer and eat you! What I mean is it's sweet, with a significant warm and toasty vanilla-caramel flavor comprising the majority of it, but it's also sensual and a bit dark and smooth, a romantic type of scent as opposed to just a “foody” type. From what I understand, Tuxedo contains copious amounts of ambroxan, and considering the warmth, and sweet fuzzy quality of its texture, I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. Ambroxan is somewhat chameleon-like in the way it can take on different flavors, but it always has this distinct, warmth and fuzziness that give it dimension and a unique, underlying sweetness. That quality is present throughout here. Performance is solid. Tuxedo is very, very long lasting with about mid-range projection. It diffuses very well and has present, noticeable sillage. Though it may be best in late fall and winter, the Ambroxan infuses it with a certain freshness that makes it so it's not too heavy and therefore capable in the spring and summer as well. I can imagine this appealing to a broad audience. It has both mainstream and niche appeal. Overall, it's comfortable and easy to wear, but perhaps best suited for evenings and special occasions (don't let that stop you though, I wear this in t-shirts too).

Final rating: 9/10

Side note: Tuxedo reminds me in a lot of ways of Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Though they are very different smells, BR540 having more obvious woody notes and a different sort of sweetness, much redder, crystalline and sugary-sweet at times, they both have their moments where they intersect, particularly concerning their texture and how their sweetness is ensconced in a very warm, cloudy-fuzzy buzz. I know for a fact that BR540 employs heavy amounts of ambroxan, and I imagine Tuxedo does as well, though I haven't heard one way or the other. I would say 540 is the sweeter of the two, and a bit brighter and more playful (it still smells great), and Tuxedo is the darker, more elegant and sensuous scent. Both are quite different and if you were tonown both it would not be redundant.

Boozy, spicy, smokey, with sweet, dried fruits, tea and a salty, green almost dusty leather note. Obviously, lots going on here.

It does remind me of something that I haven't placed yet. Comparisons are all over the place online. Maybe the best combo is to say this is kinda like mixing Gucci pH II with a little Feve Delicieuse, Ambre Naguile or maybe just a hint of Ombre Leather. I know there's no leather in here but something keeps giving off that vibe.

Not a huge projector but it does project persistently, doesn't fade over 8 hours.

Feels best for cooler weather, dressed up formal, more mature, refined.

This one is a winner. It is undoubtedly designerish. To be honest, it smells like an upscale Spicebomb Extreme. Some might bristle at the price tag, sure. But despite it all, it is without doubt GORGEOUS. Rich, boozy, leathery patchouli and spices, with some green freshness to lighten the affair. It reeks of class, but has a coziness about it that makes me think it could easily be a versatile signature scent year round. Is it a scent profile you've smelt before? Definitely. But the smoothness of the blend, the quality of the ingredients, and the performance set this one way apart. Definitely give it a try if you can find it.

Tuxedo smells to me pretty much like dusty woods, sweetened and made just slightly feminine with caramelized creme brulee patchouli and vanilla. There's something vaguely fruity and sort of tea-ish in there, which I'm assuming is the cardamom, and there's just a whiff of dusty smoke. The combination of smoky woods and caramel creates the illusion of Scotch whiskey, which is the highlight of the perfume.

All told, Tuxedo is nice, but smoky boozy woods have been done many times before and I don't think this is the best. The caramel vanilla drydown isn't my cup of tea, and the whole thing wears a bit thin - I'd expect a richer concentration from a $250 exclusif, and I'm a bit baffled as to how a perfume with so many rich basenotes (vanilla, patchouli, and ambrox) can somehow feel like it lacks heft. For my money, I'll go with Ajne's similar but richer Om when in the mood for sweet, burnished, boozy woods.

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