Le Vestiaire des Parfums : Caftan 
Yves Saint Laurent (2015)

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One of the Yves Saint Laurent 'Le Vestiaire des Parfums' collection:

Inheriting the couturier’s creative spirit, Le Vestiaire des Parfums is a collection of bold, signature unisex fragrances, each inspired by one of YSL’s iconic garments, materials or addresses.

A floating veil of incense embroidered with vanilla lightly drapes the skin in the same way that the fluidity of the caftan caresses the body. Inspired by the vibrancy of Moroccan culture, CAFTAN calls upon all the bursting and colorful fabrics of the East. The shimmering amber deploys deep sensual promises that mirror the exuberance and warmth of ochre and sandy shades.

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Reviews of Le Vestiaire des Parfums : Caftan by Yves Saint Laurent

There are 4 reviews of Le Vestiaire des Parfums : Caftan by Yves Saint Laurent.

The opening is a bright burst of citrus, pepper & frankincense, evoking all of the golden desert tones mentioned in the description. This impression is fleeting however, for within a few moments the citrus fades, & a strangely savoury, slightly yeasty & herbal accord takes over. lt reminds me of the sage found in sage & onion stuffing, & once this thought occurs to me l just can't shake it. This accord continues through the heart along with the incense, with a fuzzy texture. The projection is low, but l wouldn't call this a weak fragrance; it hovers just above the skin & is very much there when l sniff my arm. Much has been made of the vanilla/benzoin sweetness here, but for me it doesn't even begin to sweeten until around two hours in, & even then there's a smokiness that tempers the sweetness. Later l get a soapy impression, before it finally settles into a soft, powdery amber four hours in. At the seven hour mark it's almost faded out.

l'm not sure what to make of this one. There are moments, particularly in the opening & the far drydown, when l really enjoy it. But that savoury-herbal thing is almost off-putting to me, & l haven't seen it mentioned by anyone else. l'd say it's most suited to late summer/early autumn, but l'll try it again before then to see if my impressions change, & whether my skin was just having an off day.
Jan 13, 2021

Caftan is ok. Not really my style. I think it features cashmeran (aka blonde woods, aka a kind of breakfast porridge-type smell). For a cashmeran fragrance, it's a good one.
Apr 21, 2020

Sweet, sparkling citrus blend with a sweet, rosy pink pepper note. Exotic, far away vibe. It immediately brings back a teenage memory of a purple caftan, trimmed in gold braid my mother sewed for me. As the top notes subside the heart notes rise with a wall of creamy resins and deep, dark ambery tones.

The base pretty much rises up to meet the heart, with a gentle musk and a boisterous labdanum. Once again, I've fallen for yet another Oriental that is sublime. It's rich, dark, and soothing. Almost velvety.
Jan 20, 2019

A truly elegant fragrance that evokes images of the Moroccan Kaftan garment with its aromatic, balsamic notes.

Caftan by YSL - part of the coveted Le Vestiaire des Parfums collection - is full of oriental-spicy goodness, touched with resinous goodness from frankincense, benzoin, and styrax. As YSL describes it, Caftan indeed is a very vibrant expression that takes me on a trip to that storied part of the Middle East.

Really enjoyed this one! Possibly full-bottle worthy for me. :-)
Oct 16, 2018

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