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Parfums Dusita (2016)

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Le Sillage Blanc by Parfums Dusita

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Reviews of Le Sillage Blanc by Parfums Dusita

There are 10 reviews of Le Sillage Blanc by Parfums Dusita.

A green, leathery chypre that's reminiscent of classics like Bandit. It has an earthy, minerally backbone that feels driven by galbanum and patchouli, which sits in place of a more traditional, natural oakmoss. This makes the composition feel a bit more cold and distant to me, rather than plush and green. The orange blossom lingers throughout, drifting in and out of focus, and counterbalancing the heavier notes. Once the opening recedes, the composition becomes fairly linear and long-lasting. A nice experience for a spring day.

Incredibly potent and fierce green perfume. The galbanum is center stage throughout the entire wear and it sinks in its sharp green teeth. There are times Le Sillage Blanc moves towards a resinous, almost astringent pine note. There is a heavy dry herbal pitch to the background and such bitterness - my mouth dries up from the heavy tannic wafts and no amount of liquid can quench it.

There is a nice floral balance to Le Sillage Blanc to counter the formidable dry astringent artemisia and galbanum saving it from floor cleaner territory. I enjoyed the first few hours of wear, but as the day wore on I found the perfume rounding out to something my nose couldn't bear anymore. Longevity is incredibly strong and this lasted a good 10+ hours on me and I should note that this is definitely one to take a gentle hand with if your an over sprayer - two light sprays is plenty!

Courtney Love cleaned up for the Oscars

Le Sillage Blanc bears more than a passing resemblance to Piguet's Bandit but it's free of the latter's harsh and animalistic side. What it does share is a fantastic whip-crack of galbanum which it proceeds to soften up with gentile florals and a mellower base without losing those green edges.

The best way I can describe this fragrance is to reference when Courtney Love, of smeared red lipstick grunge hair stained babydoll dresses LIVE THROUGH THIS fame, showed up all demure and polished in a white Versace gown and clean-cut bob on the red carpet. For weeks, the press continued to reference Love's transformation, but we all knew she could still cut a bitch.

After the wonderful bitter green chypre-like opening minutes, what remains in the air is mostly a scrubbed clean and transparent patchouli in the vein of Ulrich Lang's Nightscape.

Sillage Blanc smells natural with enough roundness to suit either gender but it's certainly much less than what the accolades made it out to be. If only the opening had extended further into the heart notes I'd be singing a different tune. Right now it feels like I'm in one of those restaurants with a breathtakingly panoramic view but serving mostly solid yet standard fare.

Not impressed.

Well, if you appreciate the great Acampora Sballo Le Sillage Blanc could definitely be a choice of yours. This juice is really really close to the notorious Acampora's one, just being LSB soapier, warmer and simpler on structure (I'd say darker and stronger as well). This juice is damp, musky, earthy, leathery, rosey and neo-classic (a soapy chypre kind of contemporary mossy interpretation). A mossy galbanum's presence is responsible of the general musky dampness, smooth and silvan, perfectly "counterparted" by aromatic herbs, hay-like tobacco, barks and dry leaves. Neroli is a key element (earthy, grassy, humid and woody) as supported by earthy wet patchouli and probably rooty vetiver. I detect the bark-vibe while tobacco and ambrette seed warm the juice up with an intense kind of organic soapy feel. Leather is notable, perfectly supported by rosey soapiness, herbs, roots, earth and muskiness. Yes I perceive a sort of fairy tale like enchanted woody atmosphere conjuring the idea of dark rocky mountains-woods, streams, damp earth, secular trees and massive barks. The scent of the wilderness with a secret classic refinement. Excellent.

The forest a few days after the last downpour. The humus in the earth, bittersweet and fragrant; bits of bark from the oldest trees, still damp, almost mouldering, mossy, dark and with a bitterness so dense it is like a drug.
I know my beloved wormwood is at play when I encounter such compelling intensity. But there is also a good dose of galbanum – a condensed, toxic, inky green. Le Sillage Blanc is green for sure but it is also floral, leathery, earthy. However, its abiding spirit is that concentrated bitterness, like dark light, combined with close, almost cloying sweetness, that provides a depth and pulsation to the creation, an enticing poison.
In nature decay is essential to new life, and somehow Le Sillage Blanc transports the wearer to the core of this mystery, it makes peace with these powerful, irresistible forces. Read the list of notes – they're there, present and correct – and then wear the perfume, and forget them.

This is one of the sharper and more angular greens scents I have tried. And my neutral rating merely reflects my own personal tastes in this genre, rather than the scent's quality. I adore chypres: their green openings and their darker, oak mossy dry downs. Here, however, I am put off by the piercing bitterness of the galbanum and herbs that run all the way through Sillage Blanc, in the same way that Bandit feels like a dagger in my throat when I wear it for any length of time. I need a bit of something soft or rounded or skin-like that would add notes of contrast in order to keep me interested. Sharply linear scents such as this weary me and make me a bit angry. And I am already angry enough as it is.

Stardate 20170216:

An old school green fragrance nicely done.
I am not a fan of galbanum and so this gets a neutral from me.
If you like vintage Weil de Weil and Vert you will like this

Despite the name indicating whiteness, I agree with Purecaramel who mentioned green more than once in his review, perhaps from neroli and galbanum notes, and it's nicely done with smoky and oily undertones, perhaps from the listed notes of tobacco, leather, and patchouli.

At first a dense Canvas of Patch, Oakmoss, Ganja. Leathery feel with a good dose of Galbanum. Salty and dry Tobacco touched with Ambrette provides a sour smokiness that almost puckers.Reminiscent accord of peppery Nasturtium.
The Neroli and Orange Blossom bring what little sugar content this has and presents as a Whispering float above it all. I like this treatment as it comes off as a sharp edge of metal verses a chalky wall and this allows for a nuanced dry citrus.
This may not appeal to those who expect a dose of Candy Floral.
Visually, if you change the angle of observation, what is revealed is rather large photo or picture, green and lush set against a massive flat, brightly lit, silent, white wall. Getting back to reality.
Another beautiful, luxurious gem from a Favourite House. It leans Masculine, however will attract all who are delighted with Bitter Greens, Oakmoss on a canvas of bleached wood. A lick of gorgeous blossomed savon and voluminous whiff of... well, Ganja. To boot.

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