Launched in conjuction with the movie release of Patrick Suskind's: Perfume. The set comprises of 15 compositions and is strictly limited edition. More info here on the Thierry Mugler website

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Evocative scent that appears to celebrate how a pristine state female would smell. Le Parfum: Virgin Number One - one of the amazing set of fragrances in Thierry Mugler's "Le Parfum" coffret collection - utilizes notes of milk, Mirabelle liquer, and rice to paint its picture.

LP:VNO has interesting notes which create a semi-fleshly fragrance, made entirely of non-animalic ingredients! It has a warmed carnation milk savor plus unusual, neutral sweet grain accord of straight up husked rice. Mirabelle liquer is made from dark yellow plum, with a bright sweetness and velvety quality; it's an unconventional way to bring in a juicy sweet ripe fruit flavor that injects a very organic, ultimately human, touch.

It really does smell innocent, pure, friendly, and lovely in the an unconsummated lady. Probably better suited for women to wear, LP:VNO once again delivers a distinctive experience, as several in the coffret have!
1st October 2018
This smells of clean sweat, wet clay. I detect a sweet hint of fruit, probably a reference to the yellow plums described in the book. I found it to have an uncanny organic quality. I can remember girls smelling something close to this when I was a child.It is one of the most potent scents in the coffret.
16th January 2007