Le Parfum : Nuit Napolitaine 
Thierry Mugler (2006)


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Le Parfum : Nuit Napolitaine by Thierry Mugler

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Launched in conjuction with the movie release of Patrick Suskind's: Perfume. The set comprises of 15 compositions and is strictly limited edition. More info here on the Thierry Mugler website

Reviews of Le Parfum : Nuit Napolitaine by Thierry Mugler

There are 1 reviews of Le Parfum : Nuit Napolitaine by Thierry Mugler.

Citrus-floral-fruit fragrance, part of the "Le Parfum" multi-scent coffret by Thierry Mugler.

Fragrance notes: Bergamot, clementine, gentian, ginger, jasmine, lime, musk, carnation, rose, rosemary

LP:NN is yet another expertly blended scent from Thierry Mugler: It starts out with bergamot, lime and clementine citrus salvo, mixed with exotic gentiana flower adding the typical Angostura bitter scent. This is nicely complemented by the clove-like carnation blossom and ginger. Rosemary adds a surprising bright spice hit, with a hint of jasmine and rose filling out the heart of the scent. Musk is the capstone to this ultimately Italian-inspired masterpiece.

Suited for evening occasions in cooler weather.

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