Launched in conjuction with the movie release of Patrick Suskind's: Perfume. The set comprises of 15 compositions and is strictly limited edition. More info here on the Thierry Mugler website

Le Parfum : Amor & Psyche fragrance notes

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Fragrance notes in Amor & Psyche:

Bergamot, Jasmine, Lime, Musk, Carnation, Orange blossom, Rose, Rosemary

The purpose of this and other scents in the "Le Parfum" coffret set is to: 1) Intensify other perfumes; 2) Create an abstract aura around a person

Amor & Psyche is a citrus-floral-musk with a touch of rosemary spice. It's a pungent, fresh experience that smells SO classy!

How I would use this scent is on its own. It has medium sillage and lasts a LONG time; I tend not to mix multiple scents together, so I'd opt for regular wear.
1st October 2018
I like heady scents and I have a difficult time finding something to wear that doesn't have such a heavy presence.Citrus, woods, and spices, there is nothing terribly remarkable about it, but I love its unobtrusiveness. It makes me think of a comfortable tweed coat.
16th January 2007