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I bought Le Jasmin and Grand Amour in small bottles recently. Trying Le Jasmin first I was underwhelmed, perhaps this Jasmin was not for me with its banana skin (intact) undercurrent and the gingerbeer on top. I left it until it began to fade and sprayed a couple of Grand Amour puffs on top. They combine beautifully; it's the way I'm using them, but for the purposes of this review I will try to convey my feelings about Le Jasmin solo. Feels natural, like scented tea; I feel calm wearing it. It suits me, I know, and yet I want…more. It really does fade too quickly, others have said it. It's a little tropical, but more like early morning sub tropical. It's been discontinued once and then revived, so perhaps it will be again. It's one of the prettiest skin scents you will find and when some benchmark jasmines are sick-making this is entirely suitable for an early morning bus ride. A jasmine for those who are very sensitive to fumes is not a bad thing. There, it's a homeopathic jasmine, a Rescue Remedy.
17th November 2014
Think jasmine essence, ginger ale and freshly squeezed lemon juice, and 'voila!' you have Le Jasmin.

I'm truly enchanted by this fragrance's unique approach and sophistication. However it did take a while to become accustomed to this fragrance because it's a little heavier and spicier than what I expected. Do not assume that this will be an ordinary jasmine-based floral because you will be very wrong in that assumption.

The way in which Le Jasmin has been constructed shows that Isabelle Doyen intended that this fragrance should be complex and exotic. I disagree that Le Jasmin is a soliflore, I get much more than jasmine from this fragrance. This is rich, green, spicy and fizzy jasmine at its very best.

In fact, Le Jasmin is a reproduction of jasmine in its purest and most raw form. The sharp greeness that you experience in this fragrance is very reminiscent of jasmine blooms in the Spring just after a drizzle of rain. Fresh and luscious to the senses.

I applaud Annick Goutal from avoiding the additives of sweet notes and musky undertones which would only make this fragrance like all the rest which are boringly creamy or sweet jasmine scents.

For something very, very different you just can't ignore this fragrance or the Annick Goutal line for that matter. With excellent lasting power and such expensive and exquisite taste I don't think anyone could resist.

15th June 2011

l find this jasmine quite warm, sweet & slightly spicy, yet light & fresh at the same time. lt's nice, just not very strong or special compared to other jasmines that l've tried. l personally prefer my jasmine big & long-lasting, as it is in Montale's Jasmin Full, but if you want a softer, gentler version, you could do a lot worse than this.
8th February 2011
i smell nail polish remover with this one. want a nice jasmin? try bvlgari jasmin, it smells like jasmin!
2nd May 2009
Innocent without being cloying (as many jasmine frags can be). Gorgeous use of magnolia, too, to soften and round out the jasmine's sharper, greener edges, and just enough ginger to make things effervesce.A big thumbs up for this, one of my favorite Goutals to date.
24th October 2008
Flat and lifeless jasmine. There are far better jasmine sloiflores on the market than this.
20th October 2008
Le Jasmin is a unique and truly enjoyable take on jasmine… Ms Goutal chose to make it a light and green version of the remarkable flower (my favorite). The jasmine is presented more softly than is usual for some other jasmine dominated white florals; the usual indole output has been eliminated and the sweetness has been reduced to emphasize this softer, kinder, lighter, greener interpretation. There's a touch of ginger added to the jasmine. The result is a wonderful soft, gentle, feminine fragrance. I myself prefer the indoles left in the flower, but Le Jasmin is lovely and it's a unique interpretation that I appreciate and admire, as I do almost all things Goutal. It has very good lasting power for a Goutal fragrance.
17th October 2008
Just gorgeous: a bright, natural and authentic jasmine scent with a nice kick added by the ginger. This is not a sweet and overwelming jasmine but a crisp and pure interpretation. The lasting power is extraordinary, though.
8th January 2008
This is the way all women should smell. Pure femininty at its best. To describe this frag anymore would ruin it.
11th January 2006