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Eden Classics (1983)

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Le Jardin by Eden Classics

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Le Jardin is a women's perfume launched in 1983 by Eden Classics

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Reviews of Le Jardin by Eden Classics

There are 5 reviews of Le Jardin by Eden Classics.

Le Jardin was an inexpensive scent which lacks fine quality materials but which has had an enormous impact on perfumey; it was the antithesis of the big oriental scents which had dominated the decade following on the success of YSL' Opium. She is shy and always at certain distance however, ready to promptly jump into an adventurous, unconventional and passionate love story. She is both innocent and ardent. An impeccable personality at first glance. Her floral vulnerability hides controversial layers slightly flavoured with liveliness and intensity. She is extremely well-mannered saying strange things as witty remarks that you don't pay attention to at the time but find yourself reflecting about it later on.

It smells like a bouquet of flowers without sugar added that you find in most contemporary perfumes. It seems green, light, romantic-there's dry, green opening and then it lightens up to romantic lily of the valley, tender jasmine, airy hyacinth-but there's more to it. The musk, sandalwood, cedar with a hint of oakmoss is sumptuous despite it is in the vintage Le Jardin. Quite ladylike, not necessarily old-ladylike but more like feminine without the girly part. You have to be tolerant for green notes to love this, because sometimes it's really pure grass. But it never stays flat and pulsates on body releasing waves of different flower scents. Yes definitely it is not as great as another's 80's but it is really nice scent.

A non-descript floral from 1982 - very drugstore - Barbara Herman found more depths to this than I did. She described it as a combo of menthol and tuberose with spearmint, fruit and tarragon added, drying down to a muguet powdery wood base.

I have a vintage bottle which is so mediocre as to render it a non-scent. Brava to Ms. Herman's nose, as I can detect nothing of the above - just an aldehydic mess, amounting to nothing at all.

Top notes: Bergamot, Spearmint, Tarragon
Heart notes: Jasmine, Tuberose, Cyclamen, Muguet, Orris, Rose, Magnolia, Ylang
Base noes: Cedar, Sandalwood, Moss, Musk, Civet, Amber

Very cheesy bottle with badly manufactured plastic top.

The end of an interesting line of scents from the great make-up artist of Hollywood.

l wore the original Max Factor version in my late teens. lt was a pleasant, but cheap powdery white floral. l knew almost nothing about quality fragrances at the time, though. l'd probably hate it if l smelled it now.

My first fragrance... purchased with babysitting money. Dreamy, light fresh green top note, white petals, soft powder with a very subtle incense dry down. Reminds me of pink lipstick, angora sweaters, designer jeans and my mother's pearl earrings. After school dances in the jr. high school boy's gym, swaying to Spandau Ballet in the arms of a football hero. Heady stuff the memories that nostalgic first fragrance conjures.

Very nice, brings back memories. Soft, feminine and the advertizement had Jane Seymour in it. It said, "if you want romance to come on strong, you have to come on soft."

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