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it was the first scent i kept buying repeatedly. original, soft yet a bit cheeky, powdery yet not too stale. it is such a pity it is no longer in shops.
18th December 2016
An airy and absolutely stunning piece of work. Rather mysterious in its charisma but short lived. I love it and want to wear it more often to understand it better.
16th May 2009

Le Feu reminds me of a "tartine de confiture" being tasted near a hot hot stone bench in a municipal park, at noon, in the summer. Lots of small flowers in there, stiff with heat. Thrilling!The lactonic note also reminds me of Rush in many ways.
9th February 2009
I guess those folks who love a 'clean, fresh' smell may like this a lot but on me this smells like an upscale toilet freshener. Hard to hate but hard to go nuts over either.
25th January 2009
Le Feu D'Issey Light begins very light and delicate: a translucent floral opens the fragrance and is followed by a solo gardenia that is lightly and cleanly rendered with just a trace of a powdery floral. The middle is a gentle breeze off a field of flowers–the gardenia is presented with such discretion that only the softest wisps of this energetic flower are available. I wondered what was meant by “milky” in the description, and, in sniffing the fragrance, I found what the meaning is. The amber of the dry down does have a sweet milky cast to it; its sweet delicacy fits appropriately with the nature of the fragrance. Very soft, very feminine, it is the perfect fragrance for those who want a refined, balanced, sophisticated scent with loads of discretion. The spices are so soft that I can't even find them. Excellent fragrance.
10th March 2008
I did discover it so late.What a frag!.Soft, peppery, spicy but chic!.Lovely!!!
2nd June 2007
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