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Issey Miyake (1998)


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Le Feu d'Issey by Issey Miyake

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Reviews of Le Feu d'Issey by Issey Miyake

The promiscuously inclusive Le Feu D'Issey smells like the carousel of a breeze between a florist's and a bakery. There are a lot of notes being juggled here – rose, anise, tuberose, gaiac, caramel, coconut, red pepper – and I'm surprised that the net effect is not one of mutual denial and general disarray. But the whole thing hangs together quite convincingly. Nevertheless, the milky rose upsets my stomach and, while not as appalling as Sophia Grojsman's 100% Love, I'd never wear Le Feu D'Issey. The best thing about it is the gaiac wood base, used well before Le Labo made it one of their signature notes. Gaiac is so terrifically soothing that it could well be the saving grace that prevents Le Feu D'Issey from having a nervous breakdown.

I haven't tried Douce Amere, but I have tried Bvlgari Black, Kenzo Amour EdP, and Etra. None of them are especially similar to LFD'I, in my opinion. I enjoyed the first hour or so, getting nice wafts of an interesting blend, but then it was very weak, which is rare for me. I usually can smell things that nobody else seems to be able to for hours, even with just one spray to the chest. So, on the basis of longevity and projection/"sillage," beyond the first hour or so, I can't give this a positive rating. I can't say that this is so dynamic or unique that I need to obtain even a large decant, and the longevity is a major issue for me.

it gives me a headache, being so overpowering at first. After like a few hours, this sweet yet complex note emerges and ... oh well, maybe i should try to light version

A bit too strong for me. It reminds me of something, but I can't seem to figure out which fragrance in particular.The bottle looks great on my vanity, though.

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