Le Chèvrefeuille fragrance notes

    • Wild Narcissus, Lemon Petitgrain, Green Notes, Jasmine

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I find Annick Goutal perfumes one extreme or the other: they either work very well on my skin (Sables, Songes, Encens Flamboyant, Musc Nomade, L'Ile Au The, Ninfeo Mio, Duel) or not at all (Eau Du Ciel, Nuit Etoilee, Ambre Fetiche); however Le Chevrefeuille is somewhere between. One of my friends wears this perfume, and on her it is exactly like honeysuckle flowers: however on me it, strangely, smells very similar to Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea, though sweeter and a little more floral.

I'm going to very much enjoy wearing my sample vial, but this is not a perfume I would buy.
4th June 2016
A nice honeysuckle scent; less sensational than Creed's masterpiece but well done. It has a green herbal slant, and also a floral tendency, more jasmine than narcissus. Not that typical for honeysuckle then, but very nice as fragrance.

Performance is all right, with adequate sillage and projection; I get four hours of longevity. Good in spring. 3.25/5
7th January 2015

Genre: Floral

Annick Goutal's “honeysuckle” is all sweetness and light: crisp citrus, lively greens, and the most delicate, transparent floral notes imaginable. It's really too green, too tart, and too effervescent to smell much like honeysuckle blossoms, and what I get instead are tomato leaf, lemon, cardamom, a moist, crystalline green jasmine, perhaps some anise, and a touch of hay or narcissus. The resulting accord sets a bright summer morning mood that's perfectly consistent with honeysuckle. It's devastatingly pretty, but completely innocent, ebullient, and weightless.

In fact, Le Chèvrefeuille smells so bright and buoyant that it seems to have no base notes. Defying gravity in this manner exacts a price in longevity, and it should come as no surprise that Goutal's Le Chèvrefeuille endures for no more than two hours on the skin. Thing is, this smiling scent is such pleasant company while it lasts that I really can't bring myself to knock it. Instead I think I'll just put on some more.
19th June 2014
Perhaps my favourite fragrance of all time? (Top 3 anyway!) This scent is happiness, sunlight, femininity, warmth, freedom and a cool breeze all in one bottle. This scent is natural, fresh, slightly floral and slightly citrusy, and in no way synthetic. This scent is being outdoors on a beautiful summer morning. True to the trend of Annick Goutal fragrances, longevity is dismal. But with something so beautiful, does it really matter? Catch these golden butterflies as they flutter amongst plumes of flowering honeysuckle whenever you can.
19th April 2014
i like this scent very much, it's light, sweet (but not too sweet), and very refreshing. unfortunately it lasts all of 30 seconds on my skin ... as is the case with many other goutal fragrances.
18th January 2013
I love the lemon-camomile scented of the beginning, it blends well with the florals and the result is very good-hearted.
What disappointed me a little, is that it won't change much, and it's like having a perfume made of opening notes only. I would have preferred some more variety.
8th July 2012
What a beautiful rendition of honeysuckle! I love its light, summery scent. It reminds me of tea with lemon on a balmy summer afternoon.
9th May 2012
Le Chevrefeuille is an extremely green scent, almost bitter but lovely all the same.

For those who aren't usually wearers of green fragrances, this may take a while to get acquainted with. Le Chevrefeuille is actually quite delicate and fresh. The honeysuckle, jasmine and narcissus gives this scent an unusual femininity while the petit grain creates an interesting grassy and herbaceous finish.

The lemon is quite dominant alongside the honeysuckle, however this isn't sour citruses, it's more fresh and energizing, with a definite 'zing'.

Oddly enough this fragrance is not sweet. It's rich and quite brash. I disagree with those reviewers that call this a simplistic scent, I think there's a lot going on which makes it very complex for me.

All in all this is a very luscious and happy fragrance which would wear wonderfully in Spring and Summer. The lasting strength is so-so in my opinion, not terrible but certainly not as lasting as other Annick Goutal's that I've tried. If it's possible to get Le Chevrefeuille in eau de parfum concentration then disregard the price tag because that would be your best option.

15th June 2011
This is how honeysuckle would smell on a fresh, spring morning, rather than in the full heat of summer. lt's uplifting, pretty & lemony-fresh, rather than honeyed & heady. lt has better sillage than other Goutals that l've tried, & although it it lasts only around two hours, l'm happy to re-apply. lf l decide to purchase a honeysuckle fragrance in the future, this is the one l'll go for. Simply lovely!
8th February 2011
Le Chevrefeuille is a very well done green honeysuckle scent. It boasts a honeysuckle note that is more tamed than the honeysuckle I've smelled in several other fragrances. This one is a softer floral note with a beautiful green lilt to it. I get a quiet jasmine note in the background that gives the honeysuckle note an aura of warmth. The scent is quite delicate and short-lived… making it typical of many Annick Goutal scents. Beautiful scent… doesn't last… but it's beautiful.
5th December 2010
A rather pleasant fresh green floral, but it has nothing in common with honeysuckle as I know it. In fact, it smells rather synthetic and schampoo-ish.
10th April 2010