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MDCI (2016)

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Reviews of Le Barbier de Tanger by MDCI

There are 6 reviews of Le Barbier de Tanger by MDCI.

I bought this the day it was released with the idea that it was going to easily place itself among my favorites. I mean it's the same people who made Invasion Barbare and now they've created a modern barbershop fougere....what could go wrong? Well, just about everything. Le Barbier de Tanger is a huge dud. And although it's been a while since I last smelled it, and I can't recall its notes specifically, I remember the impression it left upon me so my review will basically focus on that. Immediately upon smelling Le Barbier, I thought "Okay, MDCI's trying to create a niche version of Sauvage." It opens with the same kind of fresh bergamot accord before moving into a lavender-driven dryer sheet variety of spicy musk. While the opening is nice--the bergamot a juicy, sparkling rendition supported by fresh, green aromatics, it quickly devolves into something rather unimpressive and bland. The problem here, is that nothing comes across particularly original or interesting. And alhough its MDCI, which typically uses quality ingredients, they don't seem as deep or rich here as in their other releases. Add to that an overdose of the aroma chemical "calone," which has an obnoxious, headache-inducing quality, and Le Barbier de Tanger really comes across as Parfums MDCI's attempt at mainstream mediocrity. It's on par with Lalique's L'Insoumis (another letdown), and rather than paying $275, you can get the same for 30 or 40. And while I'm no fan of Sauvage either, I certainly can remember it a lot better than Le Barbier, whose biggest flaw, in my opinion, is its utter lack of distinction. I have a feeling that eventually this is going to be the discounted MDCI--the one bottle in the boutique whose price is cut to $125 while the rest remain at twice as much. But even with 50% off I wouldn't consider it. I owned Le Barbier for about two weeks. In other words, I got rid of it as quickly as possible. In the end, this gets a resounding thumbs down and a very middling, 6/10 rating.
Aug 13, 2019

Opens kinda thin and cheap but just give it a couple minutes. It then develops into a very clean and refreshing barbershop scent. Straddles the modern to mature line but as always, if you like it, wear it.

Good projection and very good longevity.
Aug 25, 2018

Genre: Fougère

I’ve come to lump Le Barbier de Tangier habitually with the nearly simultaneous Chanel Boy, Dusita Issara, and Amouage Bracken Man in a sort of classical fougère mini-revival – one which I welcome in the face of the umpteen-million Cool Water clones that the industry has churned out over the past three decades. Along with Issara , the Barber is one of my favorites from this lot, largely because it feels more articulate than the rather reticent Boy, yet more poised and balanced than the comparatively gruff Bracken Man.

The unfortunate other shoe to drop here is, of course, the cost. Given that the very fine – if admittedly diminished by reformulation – Azzaro pour Homme and Tuscany Uomo are still out there representing the genre, I’m not sure I’d pay $250 US per pop on a bottle of Le Barbier de Tangier. If, after sampling, one were to decide that the quality of ingredients employed by MDCI merits the premium, so be it. Me? I’ll stick to my Tuscany.

Thumbs-up nonetheless, because it represents a gratifying trend.
Jul 2, 2018

My very favorite barbershop fragrance so far. This opens with some sharpness, but it's more along the lines of a brisk splash and slap across the face freshness than it is an uncomfortable sharpness. This is what I was hoping Cologne 352 would be like, but Cologne 352's sharpness was like a cut from the razor rather than a nice brisk splash of freshness. Le Barbier de Tangier is just excellent in my opinion. It is too expensive, but I don't find it to be an Aventus Flanker as I've heard it called before. It stands on it's own, "accord." :-)

I would love to have an endless supply of this juice to splash on and spray on. A nice shower gel based on this fragrance would also receive a warm welcome in my wardrobe. A big thumbs up for Le Barbier de Tangier for me. It's now near the top of my want list!
Dec 11, 2017

Parfums MDCI Le Barbier de Tangier is a more agreeable barbershop scent than Invasion Barbare, in my opinion, but lacks the daring elements to which many are drawn by Invasion Barbare.

The easiest way of classifying the difference is to say that LBDT is lighter and cleaner, and therefore less potentially offensive than IB.

LBDT is more citrus-intensive at the opening and fresher in the dry down, contra the heavy dose of patchouli I get out of IB in its dry down.

Think citrus and lavender, giving way to petigrain and woods, mainly. I hardly get any apple or patchouli in the heart but this might have something to do with its performance, which isn't very strong.

LBDT is safe, agreeable, but uninspiring, but I'd nonetheless aver that I like and would wear the scent, and would even buy a bottle if it were extremely lower in price, as $250 for 75ml is far too steep for a scent that's not terribly interesting, not a great performer, and vaguely resembles cheaper barbershop counterparts.

7 out of 10

Mar 23, 2017

An Aventus flanker.

IMO much better then Aventus because it's , slightly, more complex.

Calone & pineapple.

For shame MDCI....piggybacking on Aventus' success...
Dec 15, 2016

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