Le Baiser du Dragon fragrance notes

  • Head

    • amaretto, gardenia, neroli
  • Heart

    • iris, musk, cedarwood, bulgarian rose
  • Base

    • vetiver, patchouli, benzoin, amber

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Another fragrance that is easily unisex although marketed to women, Le Baiser Du Dragon is sensuous, luscious, and warm. As the sun entered my window (and I awaited my landlord's installation of proper blinds today) its heat really lent a radiance to the opening, all redolent with the beloved bittersweet digestif Amaretto and white florals. Perfect for an October morning. Other's may gripe about the opening's sharpness, but I find this stimulating in fragrances, go figure.

As the top notes settle, there is a crossfade into the very oriental heart of the scent, rich with cedar, rose, and ultra dark chocolate blended with caramel. The sweetness is tempered so that it in no way veers into gourmand territory. This is full on balsamic oriental.

For some reason, my skin really brings out vetiver early on in any fragrance that has it, and this is no exception. The base is full on vetiver on my skin with patchouli and lingering sweetness extended through a benzoin/amber accord. So nice.

Another winner for autumn comfort. Thumbs up.
8th March 2022
Le Baiser du Dragon is not very interesting but being a sweet and gourmand Amber it's still quite nice.
It's less like a Dragon's kiss than a hug from a Yeti, cuddly and big with cold in it's fur.
8th October 2020

The EDP is an woody oriental. It is not as dark or spicy as I think of when I think of oriental. But this is a great oriental for warmer weather. It has a very unique scent. I can for sure detect both the vetiver and the almond. It is a complex scent that is warm without being overly dark, mysterious or spicy.
22nd July 2020
Originally released in 2003, Le Baiser du Dragon is one of a number of mature-leaning feminines (think Hermès 24 Faubourg and the original Bottega Veneta). There's a touch of powdery vanilla in the base here, with a blend of orange citrus, fresh gardenia, and woody almond laid on top.

It's boozy and rich and and pleasant, with the prominent florals keeping things feeling clean and non-foody. The gardenia-almond accord holds sway throughout.

The EDT is a cleaner and fresher version that drops the darker aspects but preserves the amaretto impression.
14th June 2020
awesome exotic Oriental...opening makes me think of Opium Homme with a huge blast of Amaretto...smoky/incensey flavor...very nice projection on me...goes through a lot of nice subtle changes throughout it's life and keeps things interesting...get an occasional whiff that brings to mind Jaipur like a couple of others have mentioned...has a green quality to it...a sheer rose that is barely there , but adds just the right touch...a little woodiness...for me, it dries down to a very moist feeling smoky vetiver with just a dab of patchy resin/amber...great stuff all around...totally genderless in my book and I love wearing it...
19th February 2019
The EDT.
Opening is rather heady, boozy. My first feeling was Hot Buttered Rum. As the bite of that fades, an almond butter, lightly mixed with sugared and Ambered Benzoin adds rich base.
A Vetiver Patch Tea counters the sugars with its tannin.
All the while the Neroli provides a very pleasant slightly Citric acid to draw my sensors to an Antique Dried Rose. Cedar seems a backdrop until the end and forms a pleasant, vaguely woody dry down with Amaretto finish. Thankfully done with the absence of Tonka. Perhaps this was designed for the girls, however it scents beautifully to my masculine skin. Careful with the dosing though as Galaxolide or whatever musk is used can induce a cough.
I expect that the EDP, may just be a teensy bit rich for me too wear, however this EDT is quietly blended as a unisex and carries a vaguely Aristocratic Accord. Interesting name, however, its connection to the scent seems far cerebral and counter to most common visioning.
7th March 2018
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