Layton Exclusif fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, pink pepper, mandarin, aquatic notes, grapefruit
  • Heart

    • rose, geranium, waterlily, gardenia, civet, cardamom
  • Base

    • sandalwood, guaiac wood, amber, vanilla, coffee, musk

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Latest Reviews of Layton Exclusif

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Love the added civet and darker tones in this one.
This doesnt push out, but does linger to the skin.
I find the scent better than the original, just think it could have pushed out better, still a good choice from PDM.

Overall 8-10
Performance 7-10
Sillage 6-10
29th October 2021
A darker and more bold version of Layton. Powerful out of the gate, but wears close to the skin after 2 hours, though stays there for about 12 hours total. Slightly animalistic.
31st December 2019

I was surprised that I really liked this one, because I was just so-so with the original Layton. Exclusif starts with a peppery fruit, spice that is short lived and softens into the floral, coffee and spice main-notes. It has an animalist tinge to it, probably the civet, although present, it comes across quite restrained. I don't get a strong wood note, but my nose is not sensitive to some woody tones. I catch more of the amber-vanilla-coffee cream base, with a spice support. I'll agree with previous reviews that Layton Exclusif is a great choice for cool weather, or a semi-casual date night. I like it and may purchase in the future.

19th December 2018
Starts out sweet and bitter at the same time, kinda like a creamer-sweetened coffee with some spicy wood thrown in the mix. Later in the drydown, you lose the peppery bitterness and you're left with smooth, woody notes and more sweetness.

Feels like a date night frag for fall and winter.

Projection is decent and longevity is in the 8-9 hour range.
21st November 2018
Cotton Candy. NOPE!
29th March 2018
I have been wearing this fragrance for a while now since it was first released.

Firstly, the notes: There is not a single drop of oud in this, if there was PDM would be singing and dancing about it on their website. What people are smelling is probably a mixture of the guaiac, musk, and civet.

This is from their website: "The head notes offer generous, spirited, explosive bergamot, with rose and geranium vying to add elegance. In the base note, a hint of cardamom mingles with sandalwood and guaiac, emphasising all the nobility of wood. On the skin, the sudden turmoil is total thanks to the distinctive, evocative hint of caramelised coffee."

It has a similar DNA to the original Layton, especially in the base notes. There is a lovely caramelised coffee note in the base of both (And I hate coffee, but this is nice). The apple and mandarin have been removed from the original Layton and replaced by darker and woodier notes.

The longevity is good and it keeps coming back to hit you when you think its gone. The sillage is good for 1-2 hours and afterward becomes very much a close to the body-scent, it never goes into beast-mode which is disappointing considering the price.

The atomiser on this comes out like a water-hose and you may need to decant it in order not to waste it.

For the difference in price, I would stick to the original Layton, but I guess price is subjective.
8th February 2018