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Reviews of Layali by Swiss Arabian Perfumery

There are 1 reviews of Layali by Swiss Arabian Perfumery.

inspired by the rare beauty of flowers in the mighty rainforest, LAYALI represents the whimsical spirit of nature at times when the perfectly symmetrical lines of orange blossom are bathed in sunshine and tropical flowers spread their exotic aroma.A lovely,fruity woody fragrance which is sweet and a little dense,in the oriental style.
This is not a sexy,attention seeker fragance,instead this is a comfort,clean,all year round juice that will make you feel all dressed-up and groomed even if you wear trainers and ragged evokes of sophistication and beauty that it works for men and women alike.

This opens with a sweet and juicy plum with flowers just peeking it wears on,it becomes a softer five-petaled pink rose,a little ylang ylang and jasmine. there is a warmth that emerges, cozy and woody rounding out the sharper black currant.This composition create a sweet, intimate and very delicate fragrance that carry the wearer into a colourful and dreamlike world.a great oil to start out with.You will walk around smelling like the most exquisite Middle-Eastern dessert.

It is absolutely gorgeous and utterly indulgent to the senses during any months,as long as the afternoons are warm with a slight cool night breeze!Sweet yet non cloying candy like bubblegum type scent.sophisticated and long lasting with medium sillage.
Excellent value for the price.

Nov 21, 2020

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