The company say:

Your hard work, your pain, your dedication and attitude are all encompassed beautifully in the rugged fragrance of L’Aventure. Dependable, long lasting and full of masculinity, L’Aventure smells just like you!


L'Aventure fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Elemi, Lemon, Bergamot
  • Heart

    • Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Woody notes
  • Base

    • Patchouli, Amber, Musk

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Yet another "copy my homework but don't make it obvious" Aventus clone.

The opening is a mega-synthetic citrus accord, and while not unpleasant, it just doesn't land for me. The musk is there from the first spray, also incredibly synthetic.

The drydown is the most generic thing I've ever smelled. Musk, amber, and a barbershop-like note. It is absolutely safe. No one will be offended by this. Frankly, I think a lot of people would like this and give compliments. It's a classic "male" accord that does absolutely nothing interesting. It smells just pleasant, safe, and outstandingly boring.

It overlaps with Aventus in many ways, but falls flat in every category save for longevity. This stuff is right next to cockroaches for durability. Every aspect of it is synthetic, and is like looking at Aventus through a foggy window.

Admittedly, I think Aventus is utterly dull. It objectively smells good. It ticks every single box for "successful male fragrance," hence the numerous clones. It just does absolutely nothing for me and smells like a copy and paste generic male scent. L'Aventure is like copying and converting an image file so many times that, while you know what you're looking at, the quality is past recovery.

I'd recommend this to a high schooler. It's worth the price tag. It smells like $35 with incredible longevity. It achieves nothing while being pleasant. It's a musky, woody, ambroxan that is guaranteed to get compliments. It genuinely just smells like a high school boy's locker room, where everyone is overdoing the Axe body spray to the point where all that's left is generic "men's synthetic musk and wood."

Maybe it's because I was in high school in the Axe era. Maybe I'm jaded. Maybe I'm just getting old. All I know is L'Aventure is something I'd wear in high school if I wanted attention. It's a pleasant, affordable, synthetic wood-musk-ambroxan cocktail. It's not interesting, but if you're 15-21, it'll do exactly what the average Joe expects a cologne to do and I'd recommend it if you want a bottle of something you can just mindlessly grab, spray, and get compliments. Just please... do not over spray. Every living creature with a functional olfactory system will thank you. This stuff could clear a room.

I'm definitely not the target audience.
27th October 2022
There's no point to this existing, really. It's sort of an Aventus clone but only in the very beginning. Its "lemon" top-note actually smells a lot like Aventus pineapple, but then the whole thing dries up and dies off in about 30 minutes max. There is no smokey birch on the back end. It's just an Aventus citrus opening and then, poof, nothing.

This beats Club de Nuit Intense Man as a clone on the initial pineapple burst (whereas CDNIM is totally lemon) but CDNIM completely destroys this from about 15 minutes in, all the way until the end. CDNIM has great longevity; L'Aventure's is horrible.

So if you really, really need to smell exactly like Aventus from the beginning to the end then layer this on top of CDNIM. But there's no point to it because in just a few minutes this will be gone and you'll only have the CDNIM. Save your money and buy a second bottle of CDNIM rather than this.
15th December 2020

Very interesting and dynamic.The opening is an explosion of fruits, i feel like i am swimming in a pool where the water has been replaced by tropical fruit-juices. Such a good deal! Longevity is pretty good and sillage too. Overall 9/10
14th June 2019
Good stuff, quite similar to Aventus, much like CDNIM. This seems to be a less smokey version than CDNIM. Also, I find the longevity is just as good as CDNIM but as with many EDPs, projection isn't as strong and the scent seems to be fuller and more well-rounded.

This is a very nice Aventus alternative but If you already have CDNIM or one of the Pineapple Vintage variations, this is not necessary.
26th January 2019
It really is a dead ringer for Aventus. I will now be wearing L'Aventure primarily and keep the Creed for special occasions. I am thoroughly impressed.
29th December 2018
So if you are looking for a 100 percent clone of aventus you probably are going to be slightly disappointed. However if you are looking for a near aventus it's pretty good. I'd say its 85 percent close. However it is more sour up front and very lemony. It is bright but not quite as bright as aventus. On the middle dry down it gets closer to aventus but has zero smokiness. On complete dry down it's still very close to aventus but lacks the creed quality ambergris. All in all it's quite good and similar to a fruity batch of aventus kn the cheap.
13th September 2018
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