Lavandula fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Basil, Canella, Black Pepper
  • Heart

    • Lavender, Clary Sage, Lily of the Valley
  • Base

    • Tonka Bean, Musk, Vanilla, Amber

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Latest Reviews of Lavandula

Penhaligon's Lavandula takes me back to walking the lavender fields of Bleu Lavande in Magog, Quebec. The headspace of lavender under the July sun, mingled with the coumarinic warm grasses and surrounding green ambience.

It starts off with an emphasis on the herbal, agrestic qualities of lavender, evidence of a good helping of the natural essential oil. This quickly alights from the air to become softer, somewhat sweeter, soapy, with touches of amber.

This is one that serves as an aromatic nightcap, something therapeutic at night fall, to help me drift to a dreamy elsewhere. It is definitely not a punchy aromatic, fougere-esque lavender, it doesn't have a fluffy cloud that is supported by a boatload of vanilla and tonka, it is sheer, diaphanous even, meant for personal enjoyment more than as a statement. Be that as it may, it remains a delicious skin scent for many hours. Tender and beautiful.
8th March 2022
Light spice in the background. Lavender is most present but, never too strong. It seems tempered by the other notes for a time... Lavender remains mellow. Tonka bean moves in. Not too boisterous. Slight vanilla and amber move in later. A fairly safe, work-wear fragrance. Not overly feminine. Nice!
10th December 2019

Didn't get much out if this other than lavender (no herbal spicy accord, just lavender). A bit pot pouri. Fine if you like that sort of thing.
5th October 2019
I purchased Lavandula a few days ago from Penhaligon's after testing it a couple of times. This is an extraordinary fragrance but since it is marketed as feminine and it is Lavender centered after all, I suggest to any man interested in fougeres not to shy away. It is a herbaceous, fresh and rather dry composition with a bit of floral sweetness (depending on the temperature), all of this making it soothing, gentle and well balanced. It leaves a gorgeous discreet trail in the air around the wearer. Be aware not to over-apply because it may turn cloying. It is a perfume that I would have never considered if I hadn't tested it. I admit that the 60% discount was very advantageous and so I am quite pleased as this is a very distinct and well-crafted day scent which was what I was looking for. It is an edp but it is not a monster of silage ... in fact it has that certain Penhaligon's soapiness and transparency. If you consider Lavandula apart from the somewhat conservative pedigree of Penhaligon's, you may too find it to be a very well executed and even eccentric fougere. Overall, as pleasing as this perfume may be to me, it certainly is a try-before-you-buy.
4th January 2015
A very natural representation of lavender. I don't think I would ever commit to buying this, but should a desire for lavender beckon, I couldn't imagine this fragrance being anything but entirely satisfying.
27th July 2012
I'm not a fan of lavender as a prominent note in a fragrance, in fact, it can ofter seem very shrill and almost headache inducing to me - or maybe it is just overused in so many products these days.
But I liked this Penhaligon take on the note. It is lavender, and it is pretty much only about lavender, but it seems the few supporting notes are made good use of.
The opening lavender is supported by additional herbal notes, but it also feels slightly creamy rather than shrill. Very soft florals join in, possibly also contributing to the creamy feel. There is a natural, earthy feel to this herb/floral concoction.
Lavandula fades to a slightly sweeter drydown, with a soft musk and vanilla - still lavender, but just a whisper of the opening strength.
Very nice take on what can be an overpowering and overused note. It could be the lavender for lavender wary!
31st May 2011
Lavendula, despite being created in 2004, smells quite classic indeed. The opening is a realistic, somewhat floral lavender followed by a sweet floral heart (Lily of the Valley) and a light musky/ambery base. Not bad at all, but decidedly to feminine for a man to wear. It reminds of an innocent sweet lavender perfume that a Victorian young lady might have worn.
9th March 2011
I love the smell of lavender - in the garden I have loads of it growing & I often have lavender candles burning around the house, but as a personal fragrance lavender is the sort of thing I'll sometimes spritz myself with at bedtime but rarely want to use as a perfume during the day. This lavender fragrance starts on me with a herby - almost basilic - air, unusual, but not unpleasant, however I have to be honest and say that I have been a fan of Caldey Island lavender for many years and I still believe that's the best you can get.Buy Lavandula if you must, but once the green herby note has faded this remains a pretty average example of the genus and not to be compared with the Caldey Island version.
15th October 2010
One of the top three lavenders IMHO . . . wife loves it as one of her favorites . . . strong silage and lasts and lastsTwo thumbs up
11th August 2009
I'm thinking this is a very dark, earthy lavender. I like it actually. It smells like lavender yanked out of the ground, the stems lightly crushed so you get a green, vegetal hint and they barely shook the dirt from the roots before they pressed all the essentials out of it and bottled it. I disagree that it doesn't smell fresh, or that it smells like an old English lady, lol. I've been there and none of their old ladies smell this lovely. I hate, and I mean hate to wear lavender on my body. I have never found one that I can wear. This is can and will. It was less putrid floral and more damp earth and it was a good combination. My only complaint is that is didn't last long on me. I had to apply to my clothing and smooth a little down my hair for it to stay with me for a few hours.
26th January 2009
I'm not a fan of lavender, but this is a very nice one. It is clean and fresh – not really an aromatic version of lavender, but pleasantly gentle and natural. A few minutes after applying, the lavender morphs into a mixed herbal (+floral?) accord… sage dominates to my nose. These top and heart accords are pretty much of the transparent nature; this is a very refined, soft presentation of herbs and florals. The base brings in the sweeter aspects of the fragrance: vanilla, amber, musk: The sweetness of the base combines temporarily with the herbals before it loses the herbals. The base is light, transparent and elegant. Rather than being a sillage maker, Lavendula is very much a delicate skin scent. It's not a fragrance for me, but it's lovely.
22nd November 2008
There is a lovely lavender opening that lasts about the blink of an eye and descends into a very boring light musk. If you like a light musk fragrance this may be your baby, but I was looking for lavender. It is a great lavender, but you will get a longer lasting lavender from just about every other lavender fragrance on the market.
2nd September 2008