Rania J say:

The aromatic intensity and elegance of lavender wrap around the woody notes of oud, vetiver and cedar wood. The Tonka bean and the patchouli give to the accord a dimension of warm and sweet, powerful and delicate

Lavande 44 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Petitgrain
  • Heart

    • Lavender
  • Base

    • Oud, vetiver, cedarwood, tonka bean, patchouli

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Here we have a full-fledged lavender fragrance evoking both classical and modern graces through an atypical fougère accord, one that develops into a fine politesse fitting cozily within today’s barbershop niche. 44 opens typically with a sour upper lip of petitgrain and bergamot, taking its traditional crispy clean to a sharp medicinal mouth of lavender absolute that screams minty fresh before rearing its girth into a woody triad of agarwood, labdanum resin and cedarwood; one that is zealously muted by a fixative action of patchouli, vetiver, tonka bean and musk, leaving a bare leathery dust trail from the muzzle. Merely, the oud is seamlessly blended as a savoury decoration within the delicately sweetened green. In the end, the punchy lavender heart overwhelms and beats its supporting bits into shape as a mature, spicy, knockout fern... 44 offers a slightly interesting nouvelle due to an oriental caress that is felt in an exquisite dry-down, one that evolves throughout the course of its wear with flair. Far from being neophyte yet accessible and a lovely accentuated twist on the modern fougère, this is a scent that remains pungently familiar yet unique and is a safe ‘dare’ on the conservative theme of clean, as well as lavender... A thumbs up indeed!
14th February 2022
Just received this bottle yesterday; a blind buy mostly because I enjoy my other scents by Rania J. I should also mention, that of all the "flowery" scents, lavender has always been my favorite. I have owned Agua Lavanda Puig, Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge, as well as some simpler lavenders like Yardley English Lavender. So, how does Lavande 44 compare? With the first spray, I got an almost exact dupe of Art of Shaving Green Lavender, which is a nice "barbershop" scent, but I wanted---and expected something much more daring from the Rania J. The Lavender 44 starts out as a "minty" lavender that will neither offend nor intrigue the olfactory senses. Safe for office wear and probably best suited for warmer weather. It's in the dry down that this juice starts to strut its stuff. A dry leather accord come to the forefront and there is a definite oud lurking in the background. Nice and it is no longer a clone/dupe of the Art of Shaving, but rather an intriguing and unique take on lavender. Thumbs up.
3rd June 2021

Why is this called Lavande 44? Is Rania J doing a Le Labo?

Lavande 44 is lavender on steroids, bolstered with a creamy barbershop accord, that the lavender smacks down, within the first two hours of wear. I don't usually like power lavenders, Lancôme's Lavande Trianon is just impossible for me to wear, but this one is surprisingly friendly. It is so strong, that one spray made the dog jump to attention, and two sprays brought my boyfriend in from halfway across the house, to ask how much perfume I was wearing, something he never says, even when I wear room-owning divas like Insolence and Angel.

Its lavender has a warm, caramelized quality, with herbal undertones. As it settles, I also find an ambery base with some resinous animalic implications. But, it is basically lavender, lavender, and, then ... more lavender. Somehow, the perfume achieves its nuclear-grade sillage without any metallic woody ambers, that I can detect.

If you are looking for a Wall of Lavender, give this a try. It has massive projection, and lasts for more than 24 hours on skin. I like it, but it doesn't do enough to justify its price. I prefer a more nuanced lavender, give me Jicky any day, but I don't dislike Lavande 44. I don't have anything clever to say about it, and I don't think it is trying to do more than stick to its script and be a Big Bad. I will enjoy the rest of my house sample. Three stars, for quality, wearability, and not doing any more, or less than I expected. I can't not recommend it for being what it is, so I suppose, that means a basic and no-frills thumbs up.
14th January 2021
Rania J. Lavande 44 is a fresh and spicy lavender mix featuring bergamot, petitgrain, cedar, and vetiver, with hints of tonka and labdanum to sweeten the mix. Patchouli is a further listed note but I do not particularly detect it. It leans fresh/spicy/woody but there is a faint sweetness to counterbalance those ideas, but even with tonka, specifically, the mix is not remotely as sweet or powdery as Tom Ford Lavender Extreme or Molinard Lavande, to give some perspective.

Lavande 44 is centered around the floral note of lavender but well-blended like a barbershop/cologne vibe, albeit with some more weight, really a year-round “signature scent” type of fragrance, but certainly unisex and artistically interesting, divergent from the standard formula. It's not as spicy as men's wintery fougere types (i.e. YSL Jazz, Chanel Pour Monsieur EDP) but not as fresh as more summery options (Chanel Pour Monsieur EDT, Dior Eau Sauvage, YSL Rive Gauche).

I'm impressed by the composition, which, like Ambre Loup and Oud Assam, is refined and clearly shows some care. It's not the most daring scent but balances idiosyncrasy with a winning formula. I imagine the lavender-averse might find it off-putting but it really strikes me as a tasteful and restrained, albeit fulfilling use of lavender, which can sometimes come off a little too sharp and screechy (ala verbena) if used excessively. The fragrance seems to perform quite well, as well, though maybe not much so as Oud Assam or Ambre Loup.

The pricing of Lavande 44 and the rest of the Rania J brand is $149 for 50ml, at EDP concentration. The only US boutique that sells Rania J. fragrances is Luckyscent, from which I obtained my sample, but I've learned that another grey market site sells the brand, as well.

8 out of 10
10th June 2020
As the name suggests this is definately a lavender fragrance from the beginning to end. I wouldnt go as far as to call it a soliflore purely because the star player gently evolves during its life cycle.

Lavande 44 opens with a blast of freshness aided from the bergamot and petit grain up top. I cant distinctly smell either of them but they help in making the lavender smell fresher in the opening.

As the fragrance develops the vetiver, tonka and cedarwood help in softening the lavender to the point that its almost powdery. This is the part of the fragrance that some might find dated or old school. But to me this is where it truly shines as one of the best barbershop fragrances ever made.

Thankfully i cant detect the oud and patchouli cause that would have definately turned me off. A perfect scent for all seasons, day or night, casuals or formals. This very well might be the end of my search for the perfect lavender fragrance.
30th January 2020
This is an interesting lavender fragrance. It smells very natural, probably using mostly natural ingredients. The main star is lavender, supported by musk. Thus it is fortunately not a sweet lavender, which I don't like much. It opens with a blast of fresh lavender and progresses to a more subdued lavender with musk, tonka, and a mild patchouli.

Completely unisex I would say. And quite long lasting.
6th October 2019
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