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Reviews of Lauren by Ralph Lauren

There are 23 reviews of Lauren by Ralph Lauren.

When this girl lost her "bite" and became just another "wearable" green floral, she may have gained access to the office circa the 21st Century, but she lost what made her interesting in the first place.

Reminds me of R-rated movies that have the curse words dubbed in with "freakin" and "gosh darn" just to make it past the sensors.

A nice, but not earth-shattering green floral. Bonus points for keeping the bottle intact.

Mar 18, 2017

This defined and era--a spicy, floral chypre with enough oomph to stand proud among the 80s powerhouses. Lauren perfectly captured the zeitgeist of its time and was the olfactory extension--along with Polo--of the "Ralph Lauren" lifestyle that so resonated at the time. How many girls went off to college armed with a bottle of Lauren? How many sorority house pledge porches were suffused with the smell of Lauren? How many women, like my sister, still cling to this as their adult signature scent? A lot, I would wager, despite the poor reformulation.
Sep 28, 2015

Roja Dove tells us that Bernard Chant, who created the great chypre, Cabochard, is behind Ralph Lauren's signature scent.

He calls it a "fresh, spicy chypre" and notes the addition of violet, marigold and jonquil to the classic chypre pyramid.

Turin is not impressed with the reformulation, calling it a "muguet pretender" and giving it only two stars.

Top notes: Orange, Tarragon, Petitgrain, Marigold, Rosewood, Pineapple, Spearmint
Heart notes: Bulgarian Rose, Violet, Lilac, Jasmine, Muguet, Cyclamen, Jonquil, Clove
Base notes: Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Carnation, Musk

The original Lauren was truly a nice spicy chypre, similar to R&G's Le Jade or Gres' Homme de Gres, not extraordinary, but perfectly nice if you love chypres. The reformulation smells to me like a green plastic mess, totally undistinguished.
Nov 1, 2014

I was given this by my high-school sweetheart as a Junior (11th grade). I remember it as being warm, heavy and spicy/woodsy. I enjoyed it quite a bit, took it with me to college, and used up the bottle. It was especially nice during sweater season.

Many others were wearing this at the time, as it was a fairly well-known and popular fragrance.
Oct 18, 2014

Mature female scent This was my mother's signature scent. This fragrance is for a mature adult, this will not work for someone under 30. Nice scent for evenings and winter. I would never suggest wearing this scent during the summer unless it were a late evening. Pros: mature, dries down niceCons: hard to find "
Aug 4, 2013

Men love this on a female I RARELY ever comment on or review a female fragrance, but since I first smelled this in '91 I HAVE TO let every girl know what she needs to wear to get his attention floral, pleasantly strong yet not overpowering. lasts long on her skin, strong projection theres something here that drives men crazy. the original (or whatever it was in '91) was a solid 5 stars. this comes close, albeit not quite. 4.5/5Pros: huge turn on for the manCons: hard to find"
Jul 14, 2013

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