Last Exit for the Lost fragrance notes

    • orchard apples, woven wood baskets, dried hay, distant chimney smoke on cool air

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We're getting close to you, I can see the door
Closer and closer, or is it there at all
Forever remain, forever remain
This could be my last regress, last exit for the lost
21st August 2022
The opening spray is the clearest example of green apple I have smelled in perfumery; a late harvest apple orchard pick that still has a bit of dew clinging to it. The opening is all about this gorgeous green apple note that slowly ebbs to make way for soft touches of hay and smoke which lingers for the remainder of it's life, though the apple is still the most prominent note. Unfortunately Last Exit doesn't last for more than a few hours(I have the edp) but while it lasts on my skin it's a like a picturesque harvest scene.

Easily one of my favorites from the line next to Pyromancy.
10th April 2020