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Gucci (1991)


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L'Arte di Gucci by Gucci

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L'Arte di Gucci is a women's perfume launched in 1991 by Gucci

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Reviews of L'Arte di Gucci by Gucci

There are 20 reviews of L'Arte di Gucci by Gucci.

Basically, a reprise of the excellent Knowing by Estée Lauder; hence nothing to report except a good smell.

My review is for a decanted sample of the EDT that I obtained two days ago. I don't know how old it is, but since L'Arte di Gucci was launched in 1991 and discontinued in 1994 it probably doesn't matter.

The roses and aldehyde jump out immediately. It's very reminiscent of the rose note in Montale's Black Aoud. At this point I was nervous. I can't tolerate Black Aoud for long.

But after five minutes or so L'Arte smoothes out into something soft, beautiful, and almost kinda...sorta... nsfw. Wow, definitely. And this is just the EDT.

Oh, this is a heartbreaking fragrance to have fallen for.

"Carmen Dell'Orefice" walking into a room in a black mink coat with Cartier diamond jewerly,walking a jaguar on a chain and wearing a cobra around her neck. L'Arte di Gucci is a symbol of the eternal beauty never going out of fashion just like that Supermodel.a chypre from the 90s,it has some similarities with the other great chypre like Paloma Picasso,Ystais and many other.it smells like a midnight murders in a rose garden behind a gothic mansion.

It opens like a bullet through your soft palate.very green along with the dark chypre rose which make you inhale deeply.slightly bitter,ever cozier dry down of sandalwood,patchouli and musk begins to emerge,carrying the fragrance to it's utter end.it reminds me of red lips,beautiful dark hair,90s jumpsuit while having million dollar jewerly on.this is a very unusual perfume in that it is addictive and has great sex appeal. perfect for the mature woman.Great sillage and fantastic longevity.

Opulent, decadent, sublime..

Fresh, clear top notes. Spring bouquet, at its finest. Light. Truly feminine.

Mimosa takes the lead in the middle. It nearly suffocates the other notes but, lets them breathe enough, to be explored. I don't always enjoy mimosa as a note; here, it is delightful. Rose is subdued. It doesn't screech at me. The hint of patchouli in the middle melds well with the floral notes.

The base is amazing. Just enough of each note. Some animalic depth increases after time. Labdanum and sandalwood are slightly smoky. Best Gucci I have ever tried!

The top notes as marvellous: rose, muguet, jasmine and - just the right dose - aldehydes emanate to create a floral basket of delicious beauty. Just a touch boozy, the rose is medium-dark, rich and intensive, counterbalanced beautifully by the white florals. A fine web of coriander with whiffs of a soft patchouli add just a hint of spice.

In the drydown the white florals, emboldened by additional lashings of carnation and geranium, gorgeous! A floral fest extraordinaire!

The base takes a turn to the darker, with the soft patchouli more evident and a convincing dark musk too. More amazing is the underlying well-balanced top-notch oakmoss, which adds just the right amount of an harsher edge towards the end, with a touch of salty and earthy vetiver roots mixing with the faecaloid-mossy backgound seamlessly.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and a splendid longevity of twelve hours on my skin.

This is a nighttime spring creation of great character, luscious with seductive darkness under a floral aura of great beauty. The quality of the natural ingredients is absolutely sublime, the nuances are breathtaking at times and the whole is one of the masterpieces this house has produced in its somewhat patchy olfactory history over time. For once the name is apt - this is classic olfactory art; a Turner for the nose 4/5.

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