Lapidus pour Homme 
Ted Lapidus (1987)

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Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

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Lapidus pour Homme is a men's fragrance launched in 1987 by Ted Lapidus

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Reviews of Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

There are 75 reviews of Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus.

LPH is in my opinion got the same DNA as Kouros, and a must try for someone who wanted to like Kouros (which I dig) but just couldn't bring themselves to do so because of the animalic/dirty musk/civet aspect. This is sort of a more crowd pleasing and less polarizing and easy to handle version. The pineapple note is quite reminiscent of the opening of One Million but there is where the similarity ends as LPH then moves entirely into the direction of 80's powerhouse territory with the musky floral and mossy leather drydown. Excellent stuff, extremely well blended and well balanced composition and a harmony of all the notes working in tandem (which is almost hard to find in modern fragrances) create a mesmerizing classic-yet-modern scent. Performance is excellent and at the price what it sells for it's a steal. (2018 or 19 bottle)

Scent: 9/10
Quality: 8.5/10
Performance: 8.5/10

Seeing as the modern iteration of Lapidus pour Homme is criticised for being poor ... you can still get Body Shop’s Activist, which is a cheap alternative, and there’s also l’Anarchiste which is full price but probably the better option.

They are all versions of aromatic apple pie as far as I can see, and if you really can’t live without the pineapple (and for some this will be heresy - I know) you could always layer it with Aventus.

And seeing that LpH was the first to come up with the fruity – cinnamon – spicy idea, it’s gets thumbs up for that, and also because – well, the vintage does smell good, even if it's like baking day at the farm.

Classic is a word grossly overused in masculine perfumery to the extent that it has lost all meaning.Lapidus Pour Homme is a reminder of what classic truly means.he is a sophisticated classic man that in a fragrance mainstream that has been all about fresh,aquatic and unisex for decades,has stayed true to their vision of bold, provocative and unapologetically masculine fragrance. Lapidus Pour Homme respects and celebrates your masculinity rather than trying to assimilate it.

The fragrance itself opens with a very strong aromatic lavender and lemon blast.there is sweet,floral-feeling tobacco.there is rich spiciness times the spiciness veers towards smelling more woody, more smoky and more sweet to me.the overall impression i get from this scent is a warm room with honey scented pipe smoke.this sound as though it might come across elderly, but instead it is powerful and vital. perfect for a real man,who likes to wear such fragrance at nordic cold and dark winter's time.

Freaking MONSTER! I love it! The Charlize Theron kind.

This should be assigned reading. A mandatory part of every collection. Cheep as chips. Come get some!

Its a glorious love letter to masculine perfumery. Written by a sky writer. The honey, the rose,, the patch, the jasmine! A juicy, iconic burst leads things off and it improves from there to one of the best dry-downs I can think of. Heavenly.

Closest comparison for me is Issey Miyake Intense. Also Quorum, without the ash.

Projection, duration and Sillage are off the charts. They don’t make them like this anymore, but they should.

Thumbs all the way up.

A fascinating loud blend of aromatic grass, mild spices, oakmoss, resins and conifers. A must have for any powerful fragrances-addict. A particular out of royalties powerhouse (not properly a classic in its loudly and no-stereotyped dandy and futuristic fruity/honeyed formula) with several points of connection with two high pillars of bold virility as Ysl Kouros (paradoxically I'd say "more assertive" in its "built body" freshly incensey testosteronic machismo) or Balenciaga Pour Homme (points in common especially with this slightly more formal latter Balenciaga's one - oakmoss, honey, woods, patchouly, benzoin/vanilla, resins, spices, civet, conifers, rose etc). Actually while Balenciaga is more soapy, gentlemanly and formal Lapidus is brasher, fruitier, sweeter and more "minty/coniferous/boise" in its rebel nature. While Balenciaga is a classy impeccable and intellectual man of the world/clubman Lapidus is a sort of rebel blatant down town cousin. I'd say that Lapidus, with its futuristic boaster balsamic/vanillic (spicy-coniferous) approach, is one of the precursors of a more contemporary clubbing-dark sweetly balsamic trend (more properly embodied by its younger parents Lapidus Black Soul and Black Extreme). Opening is a intoxicating blast of honeyed cloves, sugary pineapple, balsamic neroli, hesperides (bergamot in particular) and aromatics (conifers and aromatic grass). I get intoxicating and aromatic crystals of synth amber by soon. I furthermore detect a notable green/aromatic presence provided by grass, artemisia, pine needles and probably a tad of mint. Jasmine (more than rose) is kind of imperial in here, a sort of vanillic balsamic honeyed woodsy "projectful" jasmine, the real avant-gard soul of the olfactory fatigue while woods, patchouli and oakmoss (plus aromatics and animalics) provide a more classically chypre "anchored to tradition" dry down. Balsams, woodsy resins and talky woods afford a final soapy/poudree cool vibe. Patchouly is the real star, a sort of darkly vanillic floral patchouli quite virile, cool and unapologetic. Still more than appreciable after the IFRA regulatory dispositions this juice is nowadays a renowned icon of dandy virility although not properly an immortal "piece of masterpiece". Still nuclear the projection for this great compliments getter among ladies. This fragrance could bè better to wear along the fall or winter seasons since I find it too honeyed, loud, resinous and fruity to well perform during the sultry and humid mediterranean summers. Better for a down town night out or for clubbing, I'd not recommend it for a daily office-wear. A must have for each sweet animalic powerhouses-passionate.

This is the fragrance that can step up to contend with any vintage masculine edt

2 sprays is...
A monster that makes people sneeze that come into your personal space

After six hours this fragrance morphs into a milk and honey promised land scent that turns heads...

A must try for old school frag heads....

It may not a masterpiece, but it's a bonifide raging juggernaut...

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