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The Vagabond Prince (2014)

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Land of Warriors by The Vagabond Prince

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Reviews of Land of Warriors by The Vagabond Prince

“Put aside the ranger. Become who you were born to be.”

These words come to mind when I smell Land of Warriors by The Vagabond Prince. With its four layers of leather (vegetal, spicy, animalic and smoky) this summons up everything from a Pharaoh's woven leather battle gear to the leather tunics of the bellicose Celtoi– with a little gladiator thrown in for good measure. That said, Land of Warriors opens with a clean, fresh leather scent that toggles between something modern, like Cuiron, and musty old leather books stacked in the farthest reaches of the Bodleian Library. The smoky, animalic notes--–the real warrior bits--–lie far beneath these clean, bookish notes ensuring that the modern-day warrior can wear this to work, do battle, claim victory and not smell as if he missed his–--or her--shower that morning. That''s right; modern day Boudicas will enjoy wearing this scent as well.

Right out the gate I get leather...a smooth polite leather with a dab of sweetness and just a hint of gasoline...if i was going to use a reference to any association with another fragrance, this made me think of Fahrenheit...some greenery floating around...nothing hard core about this...i would say that this is an office friendly leather...a little bit of sharpness that gives my nose a little bit of a tingly feeling...not really getting much in the way of any of the flowers or fruit/citrus that is listed...as it bottoms out it's like someone turned down the treble and turned up the bass...gets a nice woody/castoreum animalic leather thing going on...I think I would enjoy wearing this...

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