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Reviews of Land by Lacoste

There are 9 reviews of Land by Lacoste.

The opening of Lacoste Land is sort of a sharp, pungent, and spicy citrus, which quickly mellows out and smells more like Lacoste (1984 - green and white bottle) cologne, accompanied with a certain herbal note.

It reminds me of many fragrances, from Eau de Rochas, to Bowling Green, to Trophee, to Lacoste. Overall, it sits somewhere in that fresh green category, almost a chypre, but not quite. It's green, but leaning more into fresh, sporty territory. It becomes darker as it dries down.

To me, the base smells somewhat like oakmoss, but a bit lighter. It's enjoyable, but it doesn't last as long as I would like. Something like 4-5 hours, with only getting projection in the first hour. This fragrance is pretty rare now, after being discontinued over 20 years ago. Though it appears demand hasn't risen enough for it to go for more than 100 bucks. It many instances, you can find a bottle for around $60-80 USD. If you're a collector of vintage fragrances, this is a safe blind buy, in my honest opinion.
Mar 23, 2021

A friend once bought some crocodile logos in a market in Istanbul. They were rough copies meant to be sewn onto cheap polo's, which would then be sold on the market where he’d found the ‘Lacoste’ badges.
This is the same kind of thing, a rough woody citrus with a designer label stuck on it.
Mar 9, 2021

Recently found this gem in Southeast Asia for dirt cheap and am so glad I discovered it! Refreshing, masculine and timeless - such a joy to splash this on! Wifey loves it too, so that's also a big plus. Will be on the lookout for another bottle because I know it may take time before I come across it again. Truly an enjoyable fragrance to wear!
Apr 20, 2020

Beautiful ranch "Land" similar to Montana Pour Homme.
It remains parched for the most part until Amber offers a mellowing sweetness to support a bouquet of dried Florals.
The Citrus is very slightly sweetened against a canvas of watercolour. A mild soapiness envelops, until a whispered bloom of Cumin rises like a cloud from beneath, then disappears in a breeze, to then bloom again from time to time over a couple of hours.
This scent is very much alive. Just when I think it is a mere Aromatic the bloom of human sweat develops and then steps back again.
Drier, however structure is reminiscent of Trumper's Eucris, particularly the peek-aboo of Cumin.
May 28, 2018

Wow. Land smells like a lush rose bush in the middle of an arid desert. As Foetidus noted earlier the opening really is the star of this show, but the whole is a semisweet, sunbaked aura which is quietly and perfectly accented with bitter herbs. Certainly drawing inspiration from Aramis 900 and Dunhill Edition, and in turn an influence on the later Le Roy Soleil, I am truly glad to have had the chance to try this before its extinction, as Land is an unrealized style of the 90's that could have taken hold but instead died out like the masculine floral. Probably the best thing from Lacoste I've tried.
Aug 2, 2016

Land by Lacoste is a very warm, somewhat sweet fragrance with a prominent citrus on top of a smoky, woody base. The Citrus, of a sharp Bergamot variety, is very bright and crisp within the first 30 minutes of application. Sadly, it quickly fades after that mark, almost vanishing completely within the first hour. All is not lost however, as one is left with a powerful yet relatively smooth base combination of what smells similar to Palo Santo wood, Indian incense, and even a hint of Juniper and Cumin. If there are any rough edges to this base, they would be on the Cumin, which shows itself every once in a while bordering on savory spice and armpit sweat (as it usually does to my nose). I can’t say that I’m put off by this slight acridness, as I feel it keeps the fragrance interesting and a tad rebellious, but some people may be more sensitive. After about 5 hours or so, all that remains is a sweet, slightly peppery and smoky Palo Santo wood. Once again, very warm and smooth.

There are many fragrances of this variety, but Land is one of my favorites. It is quite direct and simple, with high quality, mostly natural smelling ingredients. The peppery, sweaty cumin gives it a welcome bit of dirty flair. The only aspect I can fault this fragrance on would be the short lived citrus (which is common). The notes that do stick around are still very fun and enjoyable. It’s not at all something I could wear every day, but it never disappoints when called upon. Quite a strong, grounding, and masculine fragrance it is.
Nov 14, 2012

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