Lamplight Penance the juxtaposition of two seemingly incongruent worlds living, if not in harmony, at least in proximity. After gaining fame as a courageous yet benevolent adventurer in The Oregon Trail, Henri Chatillon retired to his hometown of Saint Louis to raise his children after the passing of his dearly beloved Bear Robe, the daughter of an Oglala chieftain.

Eventually remarrying during the golden years of his life, Henri settled into his new mansion surrounded by unfamiliarly comfortable surroundings. He kept remembrances of his past life in the attic hidden in the floor, including a portrait of his early departed wife and gear from his days as a guide. Lamplight Penance the collision of two worlds: the sweet scent of peaches, berries and daffodils waft through the attic window as the oil lamp burns and Henri forlornly remembers the frontier life that he left behind.

Lamplight Penance fragrance notes

  • Head

    • berries, peach, daffodil, orange blossom
  • Heart

    • ambergris, smoke, rum, red cedar

  • Base

    • mahogany, brown liquor, musk

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Now this is a very complex piece of olfactory art. Wow, what a journey. This stuff smells different in the air, close on the skin, and on paper, and it changes all the time. It has that same smoke accord you'd find in Lita, Rex, and Serin, but I prefer this one over the others, as it just conveys what it wants better. The story behind it pretty much tells you what you are to expect here. Buttery Daffodils, ripe peaches, dusty-old furniture, and of course, the smell of a burning lamplight, with the oil and everything. One of those telling-a-story types of perfumes. It is smoky, but not overly so, it has this oily texture to it. The fruits balance out the smoke and the dusty woods, but they are perfectly dosed, not too much, nor too sweet, and the daffodils are very buttery, and creamy, providing even better texture and a sense of the outdoors. The woods are dusty and smell like old furniture. I can't pick up a leather accord, but there is definitely a boozy, scotch-like nuance flowing through.
Blind bought this and I don't regret it at all. This is interesting, very complex, and unique. Big like.

EDIT: It also kinda feels like a child of Kiste and Serin lol:), so yeah, it's a weird one, in a good way.
22nd July 2023
Lamplight Penance smells a lot like Shay & Blue's White Peaches to me although with much less sweetness. A lot of peach aldehydes with a candle wax accord and some cardamom is how I would describe this. Actually cardamom isn't listed in the notes, but I still feel like I smell some in this mixture. This isn't a favorite, but it isn't bad either. I'd prefer to smell more berries and rum along with some ambergris. Worth exploring further. Excellent sillage and longevity on my skin.
9th January 2020