L'Amandière fragrance notes

  • Head

    • green almond, jasmine, rose, hyacinth, lime blossom, tilia
  • Heart

    • floral notes, jasmine, rose, green notes
  • Base

    • grass, hawthorn, woods

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l’Amandière is so gorgeous that I look forward to spring just so I can wear it. It’s a high quality blend of florals, greenery and a light almond note. The materials are top notch, and the composition just takes my breath away. The greenery is that of grass, not galbanum, and combined with the woodiness in the base it has a very crisp, fresh, almost mulchy smell, like forest crunching under your feet in early spring.

That's when this fragrance really shines, as it's quite tenacious, not delicate, and as brisk and enlivening as a morning walk in March. It truly sings when the snow is just melting and the crisp cool bite of winter is still lingering in the air.

l’Amandière was originally released as an extrait, but this has recently been replaced with an EDP formulation. I’m happy to say there’s little difference between the two, and I may actually prefer the EDP as it seems a bit more crisp, without being at all sharp. It’s also quite strong, and lasts all day on me.
7th March 2021
Woman and parasol by Albert Edelfelt 1886
21st September 2017

The opening is a delightful combination of an elegant almond, jasmine and white floral notes, which work together very well. In the drydown and slightly green undertone is added, and blends in seamlessly with the top notes, giving it an undertone of youthful freshness. This is not a rich and intense almond, but more a trim and lighter version but rich enough to convince.

The second stage, which on my skin starts after about four hours, is base on woodsy notes and is less impressive. A bit more generic and lacking the colour and expressiveness that characterised the earlier stages in this composition.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of total longevity on my skin.

In regards to this very pleasant spring fragrance the question is: with the somewhat disappointing second part, which is only the lesser part in this creation's development, is it is worthy of a positive score based on the convincing top and heart notes? I think yes, as the good part is by far the longer part in the development. Therefore: a good scent, but overall a bit inconsistent. 3/5.
16th May 2016
Nice green fragrance that has a hec of a jasmine nice. Summer gem that will keep your attention and others as well. Wasn't a big fan of the opening with the abundance of green. The lime and light rose background does this fragrance a lot of justice. 7.5/10
1st April 2015
Pleasant greenish fragrance with what I think of as a salicylate quality. It strongly recalls Lorenzo Villorisi's Yerbamate so I don't rate it as terribly original but then again, few perfumes are.
7th September 2014
This is a very pleasant and high quality green and floral fragrance that remind me of spring.
The opening is a fresh floral smell with green and grassy feeling.
Imagine it's spring and you're a gardener.
While you're cutting grasses with the machine and smelling fresh cut grass aroma in the air, you can also feel relaxing smell of flowers around you.
There is also some sweetness in the background to give the scent more sensual feeling.
As time goes by the scent gets slightly sweeter with more floral notes and it has a soft powdery feeling as well.
Simple, but very natural and pleasant.
It's interesting that in the high heat the scent changes a little bit and gets less green but more sweet and flowery which is a little cloying.
I believe it's much better to use it in spring while there is some cool breeze in the air.
Projection is very solid and longevity is around 7-8 hours on my skin.
Any fragrance made from high quality ingredients is winner in my book, even it's not suitable for me.
11th May 2014
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