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Lalibela fragrance notes

    • coconut, orchid, jasmine absolute, rockrose, indonesian patchouli, vanilla, tobacco, frankincense, labdanum

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A very smooth, plush and very blended scent of white flowers, vanilla and resins. The outcome is sweet and comforting, and also alluring, while never becoming too sweet nor cloying. It's just beautiful and soft.
A bit overpriced though, but if you can get it discounted and love a good tropical floral, go for it.
17th September 2022
I had high hopes for this, and they arent met. When I smelled it in the store it was light, floral but with surprising notes that made it stand out. On the skin vanilla dominates utterly and I might as well wear any number of the good and interesting vanilla takes that I own. Those are often found for cheaper from less mainstream places. I dont mind paying a lot for perfume but it has to be novel, stand out as something unique. PR copy and pretty bottles arent enough.
16th March 2019

A nice coconut/banana ylang, with enough vanilla and soap to make it very creamy and rich without falling into candied stupidity. On me, it's mostly linear (except for a splash of indoles in the beginning that didn't really go anywhere), though a pinch of pie spices fill in at the end as the ylang fades a bit.

I think this is well mixed, but a little simple. I'll vote thumbs up for technical merit, though I feel like you could find something like this much cheaper.
5th September 2018
A truly captivating perfume with blended notes to perfection giving an overall feeling of luxury & mystery.

Floriental with a rich vanilla dry down; perfectly unisex for casual or formalwear; day or night.

Do not be put off by other reviews; try it for yourself.

Excellent Projection & Longevity.

Thumbs up!
23rd May 2016
From the booklet I have I can read lalibela is inspired by a misterious and mystic place in Ethiopia. And reading the pyramid I was really intrigued.Orchid, rose, jasmine, patchuli, tobacco and vanilla. Beautiful notes, I thought. Unfortunately the gourmand note is so predominat that delete all the mystic aura of the scent. A vanilla lollypop is not mystic nor misterious!
25th January 2012
Inspired by the mysterious Ethiopian city of Lalibela, Memo's Lalibela Eau de Parfum combines Coconut, orchid, rose, peony, jasmine, patchouli, cistus, vanilla, tobacco leaf, absolute incense,and woods. ----------- Starts with the scent of baking Cinnamon (buns) Roll raw Dough - & loooooots of cinnamon - that's the topnotes! In the heart I get sugar syruped vintage Samsara (Guerlain). Among with sweet scent of coke (coca cola drink) someone left in the heat & forgot to drink, so the carbonic acid fizzines is gone. Base of bitter vanilla mulled red wine (glögg in Swedish) & STRONG tobacco note. Smells very "grown up". Like a bitter-sweet Serge Lutens "Borneo 1834" with a dash of YSL "Opium". Horribly boring bottle-design - totally does NOT fit the scent, how strange!!
30th June 2010
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