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Lakmé by Filigree Parfums

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Filigree Parfums
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James Elliott

Handmade and certified vegan.  Inspired by Léo Delibes, exclusively for House of Vartan

Lakmé opens with lychee and orange blossom as it glides its way through lotus and jasmine to a bed of roses. The intensity of fruits and florals are matched by ouds, spices, and vegetal musk. Lakmé is a dream; a love song; a celebration without limitation of what it means to smell like a man or a woman.

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There are 1 reviews of Lakmé by Filigree Parfums.

Very unusual, when first sprayed. Lychee, peppercorn, orange blossom, and rose - all together, seem dark. Seems musty. Slight bit of a booze accord. Smells "old school" 70's. Underneath, something smells of old paper.

Dirty jasmine rises. It is blended with a rich, earthy musk. There is an almost old, wood furniture odor - an antique whose surface hasn't been properly dusted or waxed in years. This is dark, sultry, and a throwback to another time, not too long ago.

Leans way more, to the masculine spectrum...

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