L'Air des Alpes Suisses 
Tauer (2019)

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Reviews of L'Air des Alpes Suisses by Tauer

There are 10 reviews of L'Air des Alpes Suisses by Tauer.

Pure high mountain air, conifers, civil European herbs, meadow grass – on all those expectations of a perfume bearing the name L'Air des Alpes Suisse this doesn't really deliver, beyond a touch of woodsy greens and some residual gents' cologne spiciness. Instead, all energy here is invested in a sweet bright-and-breezy lavender and tonka duet, indeed in the style of Blue Stratos as kingofengland points out (I wore the stuff through my college years, and L'Air brought a dingding of recognition). It seems like a simple kind of pop song, lacking Tauer's usual tinkling of the black keys, but there is a bit of a chord change midway through to keep things interesting: hitherto imperceptible impressions of crumbly soil and dry thyme rise up in the mix and insist that the lavender stops playing so innocent.
Aug 1, 2021

The official note list from Tauer's website reads:

Top notes: alpine herbs, air accord, granite
Heart notes: alpine lily, powdery notes, green notes, spicy notes
Base notes: larch, beech, soil

With notes as ambiguous and unclear as these, you really don't know what to expect. And what I expected (crisp cold air, grass, the smell of alpine trees) is not at all what I got.
The fragrance opens up really great with fresh clean aldehydes that actually give a sense of openness and fresh air, but there is something strange and bubblegum-like underneath the surface waiting to pop up. This worried me a bit, and as the perfume progressed, I just felt the bubblegum grow as well as the laundry-like aldehydes along with a lot of powder. When the heart notes were in full power it was almost nauseating (and I sprayed two sprays!) and nothing like swiss alp air (which is a smell I love, and one I have smelled more than a couple times). This kept going for a long time and at this time I was considering scrubbing it off, but I prevailed, thinking the base would redeem it. Unfortunately my bravery didn't pay off, and in the end I was only left with a strong powdery scent.

This misses the mark completely in my opinion, but would probably work for people who love powdery aldehyde detergent bombs. Even so, this wouldn't smell like the swiss alps.
Mar 23, 2021

This one is nice, but not $130 nice. There is a powdery, floral freshness to the opening that is reminiscent of Dia Man and Reflection Man. It also reminds me of a better version of the Prada Luna Rossa line. The opening is very strong and almost overwhelming which would lead you to believe that it would remain that way. Alas! It does not. It settles into a skin scent within the hour. Longevity is ok, getting 3-4 hours. Giving this a neutral rating.
Mar 4, 2021

I was looking forward to trying this scent, and given my appreciation for Tauer scents, I had high hopes. But, wasn't what I was hoping for, it was almost too much air and not enough scent to hold my attention. On two trials,all I got were all very lightweight, light flowers, spices, even the wood notes or amber never really developed to an anchor the scents. The Suisse l'air seemed to be up at the top of the mountain, far way from my skin.
Nov 25, 2020

If vintage Fahrenheit did not exist, I would give this fragrance a thumbs up. Alas, the similarity with VF is to stark to my nose that it makes it hard for me to rate it.

I also expect fragrances to be true to their marketing, and this has nothing that brings air, alps, mountains, or Switzerland to mind.

I'm not giving it a thumbs-down because it is still a well composed, nicely made fragrance. Green, powdery, and a little rough, it retains its green powderiness throughout its life while without revealing any ugly sides like some niche offerings do. It may be too reminiscent of the 80s to some while being a welcome departure from current trends to others. Definitely worth a sniff if you have a chance.
Sep 10, 2020

Interesting stuff. Feels more like art as a perfume than most things I've smelled. If I ignore the marketing, it smells like evergreens subdued with soapiness and something vegetal or medicinal. That last part is what throws me off here..there's a certain unpleasantness (to me) that's very faint. Almost like the smell of new rubber gloves. Again, that part is very minor and the majority of this scent leans toward airy, soapy evergreens.

I go back and forth on how much of this smells natural vs not. That's probably the difference in smelling up close vs in the air, as it smells much nicer in the air, jumping off your skin rather than right up next to skin.

Unisex for sure, doesn't lean either way for me. Again, due to its "art as perfume" nature, that would make sense that it seems more like a recreation of something one smells in the world rather than an idea of something a man or woman "should" smell like.

Projection is fine. Anything beyond 3-4 sprays might get loud. I get about 6-7 hours of noticeable scent.
May 3, 2020

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