Lagerfeld Classic fragrance notes

  • Head

    • aldehydes, bergamot, nutmeg, orange
  • Heart

    • cedarwood, tarragon, jasmine, iris, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, tobacco
  • Base

    • amber, oakmoss, oak, opoponax, tonka bean, vanilla

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I like this aroma for the fact that there’s a narcotic accord in the sillage that runs throughout the development well into the far dry down. It’s the combination of opoponax, tobacco, patchouli and rose. The only problem is that these 4 luxurious notes that have been blended to utter perfection are being muddied to death by far too much opoponax, orris root, sandalwood, musk and amber. The overall impression it gives me is incense ashes, super dusty, musky and moderately powdery but just really far more dusty, warm and dry. It feels completely from another era of times long past. Antique, relic. Dust everywhere, endless room filling dust. Big and billowy, incensy brown resins with just a touch of make up powder and musk.

Cool cologne that’s completely unwearable. There’s a bit of grandmas perfume floating around in there too. My nana who was 84 when she passed, that was in 1994, exclusively wore up until her death Germaine Monteil’s Royal Secret pure perfume from 1935. I remember it vividly. The overall aroma and feel of Lagerfeld reminds me strongly of this perfume.

This review is based off of an original formula splash flacon of Lagerfeld Cologne with the frosted sides. The color of the liquid looks like root beer.
10th March 2023
Despite being released several decades ago, the composition of this fragrance still feels modern. The combination of aldehydes and sweeter notes creates a fascinating scent that is definitely worth experiencing. If you're looking to give your olfactory senses a bit of a workout, I highly recommend giving this fragrance a sniff.
2nd March 2023

Lagerfeld Cologne it was called, not classic. The 1978 bottle came with frosted sides and was a splash. It was a soft oriental and not overly sweet, but avantgarde really arty and a child of its time..., not a brutal beast. Longevity yes, but no powerhouse, that was the original version, wich i still have and fully enjoy. The later Classic is a awfull mess and has nothing in common with the early bottles, really. Same as with King kouros, theres no comparisson with the very early edition, and the nowadays batches wich are an insult. Cologne is pure Art and i love it.
29th March 2022
This fragrance is everything that today is not. Class, style, elegance, personality and charisma. It's the 70's and early 80's in a bottle. It truly coolides with the 80's mentality of mixing business over lunch. Sexy, professional and likeable. Cheap in price but this is not a cheap perfume... It oozes class. Any collector who appreciates fragrance history and wants to explore the scents of days gone by needs to take a look at Lagerfeld Classic as it clearly paved the way for masculine orientals. The kind of scent you wear with a plaid button up khakis a decent a leather blended watch and brown dress shoes at a family Christmas gathering next to a lit foreplay drinking spiked eggnog.

Powdery, classical fragrance that relies on spice, wood and amber with a lot of extremely dense detail complimenting it and requiring many wears and time spent with it to really uncover it's beautiful complexity. This one starts off fresh and aromatic with citrus embellishments mingling with the aldehyde but quickly supported by the powerful tobacco, sandalwood, amber and florals that give Lagerfeld Classic a very heavy spice rock and oriental presence that is warm and rich in cold weather. If you're looking about blind buying this, you have to ask yourself one question. Do feel like getting lucky with a special old lady? Performance used to be absolute beast mode. The current formulation is good at +8 hours with good projection at the beginning.

Happy Nowruz!
21st March 2022
I have a 30ml of well-preserved vintage Bethco Lagerfeld, and wowee zowee, is this in my wheelhouse.

My oh my, this is time travel, this is a precious elixir capturing another era, a reminder of many rugged, dapper souls who have come and gone. It took me back at least 30+ years. I remember this, it was deep in the recesses of my memories. Would I wear this out? You bet your sweet bippy I would, and I would strut with aplomb and pay no mind to naysayers.

This opens with a fierce blast of aldehydes, citrus, and tarragon. I am thrilled that these top notes were preserved as we frag heads know that most of the time, a vintage acquisition is a major risk where top notes are completely off, terpene degradation smells like death warmed over in an art studio, alcohols are tragically acetylated to Cutex, and you cry as you wait for that hellfire meltdown settles and hope the heart is salvaged. Not here, my friends, I scored jackpot (perhaps smaller bottles are less likely to turn so wildly?).

The heart is powdery sandalwood and orris, rose-tinged yet fiercely masculine (in a 70s way), and the base is a hairy chest musky vanillic amber with that orris merging into tonka, which I find in other in frags as well and just love that symbiosis. Young folks, remember, I am 42, and I even I am pretty young for this according to the current mainstream, so beware, unless you truly appreciate the classics on even a higher echelon.

Who's your daddy?
8th March 2022
I own the current Lagerfeld Classic from Interperfume.
Smells lovely, strong, masculine and have great sillage and longevity, at least on my skin.
The drydown reminds me of Kouros, its sexy and animalistic.
20th January 2022
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