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Reviews of Lagerfeld Classic by Lagerfeld

There are 94 reviews of Lagerfeld Classic by Lagerfeld.

This review is based on my experience with the Lagerfeld Classic Aftershave in the splash bottle as opposed to the EDT. Lagerfeld is a musky, powdery and warm fragrance that has good performance. It is a masculine scent although I think it could potentially pass as a unisex fragrance. Some say it is a bit dated and while I would agree, I believe it is still very wearable but probably more suited to an older man. In the opening the hint of rubbing alcohol is present initially, but then as I am using the aftershave that is to be expected. Musk, tonka and a hint of vanilla are all there in the opening, and as Lagerfeld dries down the floral notes begin to rise to the fore making for a nice well rounded scent. Lagerfeld Classic is one of the more elegant masculine fragrances of the 70s giving more classy vibes, perhaps it is because of those rose and jasmine notes. The amber also gives a nice warmth that brings it all together nicely. I like this fragrance but it is not something that I would wear frequently. However I can see why this fragrance became popular and continues to be appreciated by many. If the aftershave is good then I can only imagine that the EDT must be even better. Even the aftershave has a great performance, the good sillage for the first couple of hours and the scent lasts at least 5 hours on me. This bottle of Lagerfeld Classic Aftershave was gifted to me many years ago, and although I appreciate this fragrance and am happy to have it in my collection, it is probably not something I will replace once my bottle runs out. Still, this slightly dated fragrance gets 4/5 from me.
Aug 15, 2021

Classic Is a classic, one of the great Seventies masculines, it truly is a child of its time.
Soft brown leather, chypre, a powdery cloud of roses, aldehydes on top giving it shape; it smells old fashioned but it still smells good.
And even though Classic is dated, it doesn't smell passé. It's still relevent today and its echoes can be heard in Marquis de Sade and Scent, amongst others.
For me, Classic has an indefinable quality that rises above period and style to become, if not timeless, a kind of perfume archetype. It touches on several corner stones of perfumery; and for this, and the fact that it smells wonderful, the hubris of the name can be forgiven...
If you want a thick, ambery-leather (floral) with a dark brown ambience, look no further.


I've tested a vintage Cologne for this, and because Parfums Lagerfeld has changed hands a few times, Classic won't have survived in it's original form. So, to avoid disappointment, look for an old bottle if this is your thing.

Notes :
5ml miniature Cologne in box. The address on the back is 318 Bureaux de la Colline, 92213 Saint Cloud.
I also have a miniature EdT but that has lost its box and picked up an off note in the head.
Sep 6, 2020

A gorgeous spicy orange tobacco with musk and rose. I don't understand the naysayers. This fragrance is worlds ABOVE anything that has come out in the past 20 years. Like all old school powerhouses, you have to have patience. The opening is a BOMB! But when it all develops and dries down it becomes one of the all-time classic GEMS! Especially when you spray your shirt. I LOVE IT!
Jul 2, 2020

I bought Lagerfeld Classic without having smelt it first, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. I purchased it based on its many excellent reviews and also because it appeared to be in line with many of my favorite fragrances: Obsession for Men; Opium Pour Homme; Aramis; Jaipur Homme. However, this stinks on my skin. Something in it makes me think of an unwashed animal, and I can only think it must be the musk. I can't think of another musk fragrance that smells like this; I really love Kiehl's Original Musk, as well as the wallet-friendly Jovan White Musk, and they don't stink to me. Past the odor, yes, I can smell other notes, mostly tobacco, orange and vanilla overlaid with aldehydes.

I committed to wearing this to work, so it's with me all day; afraid it might stink to others, I asked a coworker what she thought and she assured me it doesn't stink, but smells "cheap." Not a glowing endorsement.

I'm afraid I'll have to pass Lagerfeld Classic along, and hopefully one of my friends will love it enough to give it a home. After all, that's how I came to find Bijan for Men - it didn't work for someone else, but I found it fascinating.
May 27, 2020

I asked for this as one of my gifts for Christmas 2014 and have worn it around 20 times, including today.

I'm sad to say it's the only scent in my collection that I just cannot wear - it's almost nuclear in strength and projection and too far outside of what is contemporary or acceptable in current times.

I have loads of 70s and 80s colognes such as PR Pour Homme, Versace L'Homme, Polo Green, Obsession and enjoy them all but this is just too far out of left field for me - a massive pass and be cautious of blind buying.

It's probably how Joop Homme could well be perceived in 20 years time.
Feb 24, 2020

I love the smell of Lagerfeld Cologne. It reminds me a lot of Jovan Musk. This was my fathers signature scent. Lagerfeld will always be one of my go to fragrances. If you love the classics. You'll love this.
Feb 22, 2020

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