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Stetson (1986)

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Lady Stetson by Stetson

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Lady Stetson is a women's perfume launched in 1986 by Stetson

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Reviews of Lady Stetson by Stetson

There are 16 reviews of Lady Stetson by Stetson.

Surprisingly, I really like this. Lady Stetson was in 80's, when the big powerhouses reigned supreme. You felt very chic, subdued, and sophisticated in your gorgeous fragrance that was the antithesis of all that was mega popular at the time. This scent reminds me of Doris Day on a champagne high, her laugh a little bit forced, her dress just above her knees. It is not an everyday scent, but fabulous stuff when you're in the mood for it.

The first half is stunning aldehydes that go right up your nose like champagne bubbles. The second half is white and yellow florals. The dry down is more palatable. The florals are creamy but make room for woody spiciness. That lotion-y element is still there but enhanced and improved by the spice from the nutmeg and a sharpness from the sandalwood. Late in the dry down, the aldehydes and sandalwood fade away leaving a powdery vanilla. This fabulous powder lingers with faint projection for hours in hot weather.

Out of a batch of many samples I had pushed this one to near last because I'd seen it on the cheap so often that a part of me thought it couldn't be that good. I can't say I was expecting a peachy oakmoss scent with a standard-issue 80's floral heart. This is like a super-light (comparatively) version of Norell - in its vintage version still stronger than many modern florals, and almost oily and leathery enough by today's standards to pass as a masculine. In short, I like Lady Stetson way more than I had expected to.

I had this back in '87 when I was at college, so it has a certain nostalgic significance for me. I picked some up recently to see how it is now and I do think there is something different about it. For one thing, the opening aldehyde blast is mostly gone. It seems to be a bit softened and replaced with a floral note that makes me think of a bathroom handsoap smell. The aldehyde blast would make it seem outdated and old-ladyish, so it makes sense to tone that part down. But that bathroom handsoap note is not such a good thing. Apart from that, on dry down, I can still smell the old Lady Stetson that I remember, so I can still enjoy it. Those looking for a nostalgic blast from the past might be disappointed, but some might find it OK.

One of the very best bargains in the currently available perfume world.

This, as most reviews emphasize, bears a close resemblance to Chanel's No. 22, but is not as rich and heavy as that classic scent. This is a combination of peach and amber with present but indistinct citrus and floral notes. It is dry and warm at the same time.

Tina Sanchez gives it four stars and terms it an "aldehydic floral," preferring it in the long run to the Chanel. It could certainly pass for a far more expensive scent from a top house if inhaled blindly.

Very highly recommended as an affordable and distinctively fine scent.

A very nice drugstore scent. LS opens with a BIG poufy blast of soapy aldehydes and peachy amber. As it wears there is some spice in the drydown.
For me this works best in cold weather as aldehydes/peach/amber can feel a bit suffocating in Southern heat and high humidity.
I tried wearing about 10 sprays on my wrists,arms,neck,collarbones and chest and then decided to amp up the spice/incence with 1 spray of CDG Avignon to my wrist and then share it to the other wrist and pat my wrists to my neck.Then I repeated the Lady Stetson sprays .The result was very,very nice and I highly recomend it.

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