Lady Million fragrance notes

  • Head

    • neroli, bitter orange, raspberry
  • Heart

    • orange flower absolute, Arabian jasmine absolute
  • Base

    • honey, patchouli

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Latest Reviews of Lady Million

Rabanne's low rent Guy Thing in female form.
It's got a fruity & orange blossom heart, the spiky woods have been scaled back and the base is now smooth.

After a piquant opening it calms down to become sweet and powdery-woody, but it's still a bit caustic - thanks to remnants of the spiky top and the indole in the orange flower. So even though it follows the same path as 1 Million, Lady M feels like the edges have been focus grouped away - and what's left is far more bland than the cruddy masculine thing.

Presumably, this neutred version was thought to be 'feminine' or even 'lady-like' by the target audience, or maybe they just go for the Gold Digger imagery...

Personally, I find this mix of chest beater and fruity floral as classy as a love heart tattoo.
But putting all snobbery aside, I think Lady Million is a boring scent that sells any poor sucker short that buys it.

[Dis carded sample found in the street]
21st April 2020
This started out absolutely delicious! There was a juicy raspberry note with sweet oozing honey. After it sits on the skin for a while, the fruity top fades and the honey seems to have dripped off of my skin and left a very generic soapy floral. This is the work of the orange flower (orange blossom by any other name) which always becomes such a bore on my skin and smells like watered down vegetables.

If only my skin amplified the honey for longer, or any of the patchouli (which I get none of). I really love the opening of this, it had me thinking I must have a bottle of this! Glad I waited an hour or two to find that this is a very generic soapy floral in disguise.

This scent does not deserve its packaging. Not even the opening I thought wow what's this sweet girly little thing doing in a bottle like that? Then on the dry down I was thinking “who are you and what have you done with my lady million?” This scent totally transforms into a scent that smells like a cheap gift set you'd get as a present for Christmas or your birthday ( the ones that have like 12 different products all in the same generic scent and a few spa tools)

Maybe it stays pretty or smells better on someone else's chemistry. And that gorgeous opening alone prevents me from giving this a thumbs down but I can confidently say I will not be seeking any more of this. Glad I got to try the iconic gold nugget scent but there's nothing golden about this for me.

Sillage and longevity are actually pretty good by mainstream designer perfume standards. I got really good sillage during the top notes, then average once it dries down until I can barely detect it after around 6-7 hours later. This is nothing out of the park but it's also not bad by today's standards: is it just me or do they keep making fragrances weaker every year?
24th March 2019

lady milion has a nice design and the smell is really sufisticated and classy. But it does not stay on my skin even half an hour. it is wasting money completey and I am disappointed
15th August 2018
Lady Million is a mix of everything. That makes it very generic, if not boring. Sillage and longevity are good, so it gets a neutral.
13th April 2017
LADY MILLION is a breathtaking blast of loveliness that tells of an beautiful expression of sweet lady however it is not as special as 1 MILLION just like BLACK XS for me.It is strong but not in a dangerous way.delicious,modern, fruity, fresh,young,chic,romantic and juicy.

Strong,sweet top notes of neroli, raspberry and lemon mix with floral heart notes of gardenia and jasmine, closing with delicate and soft base notes of honey.the scent has surprising femininity and a little hint of tempt.these notes reminiscent a floral-fruity for me.

This EDT is easy to wear for any occasion minus special moments because it is romantic but not seductive.for example LADY MILLION is Perfect for go to work or for a reunion with your friends.I love the bottle design and recommend it for a modern and lovely young lady.
11th May 2015
My husband bought me the body lotion. We both liked it but we have never found a good deal on it again. It is a little masculine.
3rd May 2015
The orange-raspberry opening is nice on my skin, as is the jasmine drydown. The sweet honey base is sharpened with some patchouli. Synthetic but especially the first half is convincing enough. Moderate sillage with good projection and seven hours of longevity.

Overall just positive but probably different on other skins. 3/5
26th April 2015
Lady Million is to me a fruity-floral scent with all the worst mainstream features in place: plastic, boring, cheap. Dark-dusty synthetic patchouli on the base, aldehydes, something green, and the fruity-floral accord, so metallic and generic it can be anything (jasmine and gardenia, fine: you could have told me it contained rose and ylang, I'd have believed it too). Besides being boring and conventional, it's also particularly tacky and cheap, with an everlasting and static (non) evolution for hours. I don't get how this requested 4 noses.

6th December 2014
Lady Million is "what it is", any disaster, any shock, just a modern white resinous fruity-floral with a plenty of simil-fruity notes (dominant orange and raspeberries of course), an initial dusty-angular approach, a common glamour jasmine, the usual powdery-cosmetical (barely resinous for a while) patchouli and artificial amber as base. Pleasant and chic in conception, un-temperamental, frivolous, decently articulated (fruity floral elements dance in the cloud), vaguely cloying, banally sensual.
28th October 2014
A synthetic fruity floral fragrance for women which isn't that great in my opinion!
Start with overdose of synthetic raspberry note, strong floral notes and as you can see in the votes the sweet honey smell.
This combination doesn't looks bad, but believe me this is very generic and common in women fragrance world and there is nothing unique or exciting at all!
Same old, same old formula!
Very linear and as an EDP concentration it doesn't have a strong projection and longevity but it's not a skin scent as well. just above average.
If you didn't smell it or you don't have it in your collection, you didn't miss that much!
1st June 2014
Lady Million by Paco Rabanne opens as a sweet fruity-floral and progresses to a musky gourmand dry down. Snore. There is something else lurking in the composition that makes LM unbearable: it smells like a department store after someone sprayed every perfume at once.

2/5 headache and nausea
22nd January 2014
Bees around meSweet, sweet, sweet...Yes it has it's patchouli notes but basically it's very sweet, honey sweet, honey, sweetney... jezzzzI bought it because... O_o actually have no idea why I did. In my opinion I wouldn't use it in hot weather is too overwhelming when it's hot outside :OPros: LongevityCons: The kind of sweet beens will be around you"
22nd October 2013