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Reviews of Lady Gaga Fame by Lady Gaga

There are 25 reviews of Lady Gaga Fame by Lady Gaga.

A one-dimensional, sweet fragrance. I expected more, from such a unique, creative individual. It makes a nice, casual fragrance suitable for summer. That's about it.
Jun 24, 2017

An opening of fruit punch (mostly sweet orange on me), some honey, and a closing of... flower punch.
Nothing bad, nothing impressive.
It gives good projection, I always got positive comments when wearing it. It's made to please most people.
The bottle, when full of the black fluid, is very nice.

No, miss Gaga, it doesn't smell like blood and sex.
Jan 1, 2017

I have to say....I really like Fame a LOT!! Enjoying it very much, 8 hours after applying! I paid $7.99 USD (basically free, LOL), and find this is a easy-to-wear, office friendly fruity floral. Nothing groundbreaking (except maybe the black juice), but quite pleasant to wear. Glad to have it in my will get a lot of use!
Aug 23, 2016

I can't help but feel that Fame is a pale imitation of Deep Night. While that should be disparaging I love Deep Night, so anything close is bound to be good. If you like sweet jasmine scents in the vein of Hypnotic Poison this is bound to be pleasant. It's just a bit too plain and baseless to be really exciting. Still much better than most celebrity scents.
Feb 9, 2016

Fame is not as ground-breaking as I had hoped with its black colour and unique bottle. In the end, it's just a middle-of-the road gourmand scent that had now trickled its way down from Nordstrom to Walmart. The 50 ml bottle can now be bought on eBay for $8.00.

It's not a bad scent, but it's not anything that jumps out and demands a second wearing.

Lady Gaga's second endeavour with Eau de Gaga in 2014 was a much better fragrance.

Buy Fame it for the bottle.
Feb 22, 2015

I get what you are saying about the grape gum scent but I only smell that when I first spray it. Once it is on my skin, the grape smell disappears. I have been wearing it everyday for two weeks now. I wish it lasted a little longer. After two hours it starts to smell kinda of waxy on me. Like when I light one of my room tarts one too many times. That eventually goes away and it just smells sort of clean which isn't really the best way to describe it? I don't hate it. I would not buy this again unless it was a really good deal.
Dec 11, 2014

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